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Excerpt from Chapter 2, "Eat Real Food"

Many health professionals profess the theory that there are no bad foods and that as long as unhealthy foods are consumed on an occasional basis, they are fine. It is true that all foods that provide nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, trace vitamins/minerals, water, and enzymes) are safe, even if they sometimes contain too much or too little of any one substance. When these types of nutrient dense foods are eaten, the human body knows how to break them down, digest and absorb them, and utilize them at the cellular level. Even a piece of chocolate cake made with real eggs, butter, milk, cocoa powder, pure maple syrup, and flour would be acceptable in moderation because your body is familiar with all of the ingredients. Unfortunately, thousands of the "so-called foods" we see in the marketplace today are merely fake foods (i.e., they have nothing to nourish life). That delicious piece of homemade chocolate cake will get stale and grow bacteria if not eaten within a few days. On the other hand, a heavily processed brand-name cupcake (such as the one I currently have in my possession) that has grown no bacteria and still smells like chocolate after 17 years cannot be classified as a food. If mold will not feed on it, why should we?

A real food should grow or get rotten (just be sure to eat it before it does get rotten). If it does not grow or get rotten, we cannot really classify it as a food. Some of these wonders of technology includes soft drinks, hard candy, popsicles, sugar substitutes, and non-dairy creamers. There are literally thousands of them sold in our grocery stores.

I would like to further define a fake food as 1) a product manufactured with a host of man-made chemicals 2) processed by unsafe methods (i.e. hydrogenation of fats in the manufacture of most margarines), or 3) a product so overly processed that it bears little, if no resemblance to its natural state. Our bodies have had thousands or even hundreds of thousand of years to genetically adapt to certain plant and animal foods, but we have had a mere fifty years to attempt adaptation to chemically-laden over-processed products. This is why degenerative diseases are sky-rocketing and why Americans are getting heavier in spite of all of our lowfat "diet" foods. The more fake foods we consume, the sicker and heavier we will become as a population.

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"Hello, my name is Melinda. I received "Nutrition in a Nutshell" as incentive to join an email list at a health food store. I was vegetarian, overweight, and had sort of "lost" any solid concept of what healthy meant!

My son was almost 1-1/2 and after finally getting my newly developed thyroid problem under control, I could no longer blame my 186.5 pounds on baby weight. After all, I was probably over 165 before I became pregnant.

I am 5'5" and 31 years old and pretty sluggish and depressed about being at my heaviest. I read the book, resolved to write down what I was eating and began to follow the recommendations for blood type "A" as best I could.

That was a year ago, and also almost 60 pounds ago. Following the plan made everything easy, and once again made me feel "in control" of what healthy really is! I am also happy to say that after losing 45-50 pounds, I was finally motivated to exercise (which I knew I should have been doing all along, but it's much harder when you feel like giant flaps of your body are flopping around as you go).

In this past year, I have recommended and helped sell several copies of Nutrition in a Nutshell, because friends, acquaintances, and colleagues were amazed with my results. I have watched my hair stylist shed unwanted pounds, and have passed on much of your advice to many!

The best part? You have given me guidelines that I can always use. I haven't felt deprived or restricted, or needed to "go back" to what I was doing before. I know how much my body needs and what choices are the best for me. Thank you for helping me learn so much!"


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