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Action Plans are the "Cliffs™ Notes" of nutrition!

Action Plans are simple, concise, factual,
clinical and research-based plans for the
prevention and/or amelioration of specific
health conditions, weight-loss, allergies, etc.

Bonnie Minsky and her staff at Nutritional Concepts
created Action Plans for several reasons:

1) Client need. Our clients are always looking
for more resources to make living healthy easier!

2) To show the general public that there are safe foods
and nutrients
that can make life more comfortable
for those with specific health conditions.

3) Our lifestyles have become more hectic than ever.
Instead of writing long, detail-intensive books, Action Plans
are short, to-the-point actions that one can take to address
whichever aspect of health they have interest.

4) Our motivation was to create a fool-proof method
so there would be less opportunity for excuses for not
following an Action Plan. With an Action Plan,
"one does not have to think...just act!"

5) Offer inexpensive options to individuals who do not
have the resources or would never personally visit a
licensed dietitian or nutritionist.

With over 25 years of clinical and public health experience,
our goal is to roll out as many Action Plans for as many
health issues as we can. As always, your input is valued.
If you have an idea for an Action Plan, please email
your comments to

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