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Dear Bonnie,

I must give credit where credit is due. A few months ago, I downloaded your Eye-Mazing Action Plan for a friend who had just been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. Her left eye was especially bad. 

After reading your article, she purchased all the necessary supplements for her condition. She saw her eye doctor this past week who could not believe the improvement in her left eye. She asked him if he thought the supplements were helping. He, of course, would not actually say they were helping her, but told her to continue using them. He was shocked at the improvement as he has never seen this "reversal" before.

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My friend felt despondent a few months ago but is now especially happy she can see again!

Thankfully there are people like you out there who bring hope to those in need.

Sincerely, Norah K.

Dear Bonnie,

This morning, as I was washing my hair, I was overwhelmed with the following thoughts. I truly believe that we all have angels watching over us, and that you truly are one of my angels. I came to you over 10 maybe 15 years ago, a very frail person, looking for answers to many problems I was having, osteoporosis being one. My skin was pale, my hair quite thin, my diet lacking so much and I sat in your office, almost in tears asking for your help.

Well, I am now 70 years old, not very old since I truly believe in 120 (and then asking for more as Rabbi Weinberg says), the osteoporosis virtually gone, my hair, thank goodness thanks to the wonderful shampoo you suggested back with a shine and thicker than ever, a diet that keeps me energetic (and still working) and a glow about life that I certainly didn't have as a young adult.

You have cured my husband Chuck of diabetes, you have helped my daughter handle her diabetes, helped my grandson Brandon, and through your help his face has totally cleared up, you have helped Chuck's daughter Sarah, even though living in California, you have helped my son Michael and put him on a healthier path along with his wife Lauren, and have helped almost all of my co-workers and friends who have crossed your path.

I just wanted you to know how very special we all think you are.  Sometimes in life, you have to take the time to let a very special person, which you are, know how very special they are.

Love you bunches and will always be grateful.

Marlene W.

My son suffered for quite a few years with stomach trouble. His high school was an hour and a half train ride away and there were many days he just couldn't travel feeling that way. It was very hard on him living with this problem, having to also cancel many outings with his friends. I remember so many times that he had to turn back from fun adventures and I saw him getting depressed and just not wanting to live like that. He finally was diagnosed after a while with S.I.B.O. (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and was given medicine which did nothing. Out of desperation I turned to this amazing organization that gives medical referrals and although we live in NYC, I was somehow connected to someone near the Chicago area. This was destiny because she told us about Bonnie who had helped her. My husband and son flew to Chicago and Bonnie put him on a strict regimen of diet and supplements. Desperate to get better my son followed it 100% and thank G-d after a year he was better. Bonnie not only gave him his physical health back, but just as important she gave him his quality of life and happiness back. It's been a few years already that he's better and that he can eat whatever he wants and we will always be grateful to Bonnie.


I wanted to let you know how things are going. Since starting on your recommended plan in September, I've lost almost 20 lbs, and the macular edema detected after my diabetes diagnosis has reduced in size by 75% (as of Feb.). My opthamalogist says he's never seen that kind of improvement before. Thank you again.


Age: 54
Occupation: Interior Desginer/Fitness instructor
Health History:
-Food Intolerances
-Pelvic Pain
-Bladder Incontinence
-Complete Hysterectomy
-Panic Disorder
-Chronic intestinal distress and compaction

Nutritional Treatment:
-6 week plan to calm her inflammation/stop compaction, and allow healing to
take place
1) safe foods (no dairy, gluten, corn, nuts/seeds)
2) nutrients: multivitamin/mineral with high levels of B-vitamins,
vitamin D, and fish oil; Cod Liver Oil; magnesium glycinate; probiotic
3) massage therapy
4) exercise

-First two weeks - still compacted; felt awful...but persevered because
she knew it was a healing crisis.
-Knew she turned the corner when she went from constipation to several
bowel movements for a few days - then she started feeling better
-Six weeks later: return of great energy (golf, hikes and cycles indoors and
outdoors regularly); intestinal/pelvic pain is gone; happy with tolerated
foods (still avoids dairy, gluten, corn, nuts/seeds)
-Even fell off her bicycle with only a bruised hip - no broken bones!

"Thanks to Bonnie's support and guidance, and with the addition of sunflower
seed butter (tastes just like peanut butter!) I am a NEW woman - both inside
and out.  Improvements are amazing, and limiting the diet is of no
issue.....I've found I can eat better and feel better all at the same
time!!"   Susie


I saw you a few years back and you helped me tremendously. I honestly can't thank you enough and I constantly praise your name and all that you have done to help both me (and my mother, too). I am not sure if you remember me. My name is Alana and I came to you with Crohn's Disease. My Mom and I flew out to Chicago for a visit and then we did phone consultations from then on. When I first met you I was taking 30 pills a day and doing Remicade infusions. I am now, happily, on no medication!

You suggested that I go gluten-free and that helped tremendously. I now work full time as a yoga and fitness instructor. I am very healthy and I thank you very, very much. I also stay on a dairy free diet in addition to the gluten-free diet and I don't eat red meat or anything fried or junk food. I also try to eat only organic food. 

Thanks again for all of your help -- you are truly a miracle worker. 


Hello, my name is Melinda. I received "Nutrition in a Nutshell" as incentive to join an email list at a health food store. I was vegetarian, overweight, and had sort of "lost" any solid concept of what healthy meant!

My son was almost 1-1/2 and after finally getting my newly developed thyroid problem under control, I could no longer blame my 186.5 pounds on baby weight. After all, I was probably over 165 before I became pregnant.

I am 5'5" and 31 years old and pretty sluggish and depressed about being at my heaviest. I read the book, resolved to write down what I was eating and began to follow the recommendations for blood type "A" as best I could.

That was a year ago, and also almost 60 pounds ago. Following the plan made everything easy, and once again made me feel "in control" of what healthy really is! I am also happy to say that after losing 45-50 pounds, I was finally motivated to exercise (which I knew I should have been doing all along, but it's much harder when you feel like giant flaps of your body are flopping around as you go).

In this past year, I have recommended and helped sell several copies of Nutrition in a Nutshell, because friends, acquaintances, and colleagues were amazed with my results. I have watched my hair stylist shed unwanted pounds, and have passed on much of your advice to many!

The best part? You have given me guidelines that I can always use. I haven't felt deprived or restricted, or needed to "go back" to what I was doing before. I know how much my body needs and what choices are the best for me. Thank you for helping me learn so much!



Hi Bonnie,

My daughter is showing vast signs if improvement! She has lost about 60 lbs and the comments she has received from people is how healthy she looks!




Hi Bonnie,

I just wanted to give you an update on how I've been doing.  I haven't had a stomach "episode" with the severe cramping and such since I saw you and laid off the lactose.

One last thing to mention. After incorporating magnesium into my daily routine, I feel even more relaxed and at ease.  I am so happy with my change in lifestyle and so thankful that I came to see you.  I have lost 12 pounds and am on my way to looking the best I've ever looked and feeling the best I've ever felt.




Hi Bonnie,

I feel amazing. I seriously have not had this much energy in so long. Added bonus, my nails look better than ever!




Dear Bonnie,

Just wanted to send you an email to tell you that I completed the Chicago Marathon in 4 hours, 37minutes. I followed your nutritional advice and felt awesome! Thanks for all your help!





Thanks to you, I found out today that I am four weeks pregnant! I cannot thank you enough and I think the world of you and your practice.


Hi Ms. Minsky! I just wanted to give you another quick update. I’ve been on my diet plan for one week as of today. I wanted to let you know that I am starting to feel so much better! I don’t feel so weighed down, dragging, exhausted. I actually feel like I could accomplish some of the things I need to do today! I also weighed myself today. I have lost at least 3 pounds since last Monday (my weight was fluctuating, so it is about that much). 

I know it’s only been one week, but I haven’t felt like I was any getting better in so many years. All I kept feeling was that I was getting worse and less able to function. I know it may seem silly to some people, but I haven’t felt even a day of improvement for so long. I know that my improvement will be slow, but I’m so excited! It’s hard to describe, but I’m so excited! Even simple things like taking a shower, which was exhausting before, are becoming easier and easier. It’s difficult to put into words how I’m feeling, but much better, lighter, and brighter (which I haven’t been able to use for myself in so long) are a start. I want to thank you for helping me on the road to recovery. Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel.

Most of the things I ate before (especially processed food) I don’t even want anymore because I can taste the chemicals in it and it tastes horrible. My husband and I are both glad to be following this diet plan because it is so much better for our bodies. Good sensible cooking with very minimal processed stuff and without my allergens. It’s best for everyone that way. I wish more people knew about how important the right foods are for you. Hopefully, it will be a growing trend.

Many thanks,



Nutritional Concepts,

I am not even a client, but called one day and spoke to someone there about my hair loss. I am forty years old, live a very healthy lifestyle, and eat impeccably. I could not understand why I was losing my hair. You had mentioned that it could be one of two things: because I have been a vegetarian for 22 years, you suspected low protein intake. Otherwise, it could have been hormone imbalance.

Low and behold, after eating more protein, six months later I have a full head of hair! You are the best Nutritional Concepts. Your reputation precedes you.


It is with great pleasure that I write this to a woman who has forever changed my life.

Bonnie was recommended to me during a very difficult period when I was extremely ill. All the best doctors could not do what she did for me and the medications just made me feel worse. After suffering with some unknown "self-limiting illness" as the doctors put it, then topping that off with a breast cancer, this lovely lady came into my life. My suffering with stomach pain and not being able to eat for 4 months, a walking bag of bones to the tune of about 89 lbs., I knew I was in pretty big trouble. 

After consulting with two different nutritionists locally and having no positive results, a friend of mine recommended Bonnie. I was so ill I could not fly to see her so we set up appointments via the phone. She asked for all my records, went over them and then had a plan to help get me back on the road to recovery. A very specialized plan, individual, not one size fits all, to help my immune system get back on track, help me digest food again and regain my health. It was a process and as I improved, she would alter my regimen as needed. 

I have consulted with Bonnie for 9 years now and only met "in person" last year. We are approximately 1800 miles apart but she is as close as a phone call away. What a thrill it was to finally get to meet in person. Over the years we all wondered what we looked like and I must say it was fun and comical to finally see one another in person. From some of my past issues I took it Bonnie didn't quite expect to see who walked in the door that day and we had a chuckle. I must say she has played a great part in my health.

My daughter was also very ill some years ago when she was in college. She wound up with a concussion, caught mono from a lab partner, had dietary issues and wound up in the hospital with jaundice because her liver was so inflamed. Again, all the best doctors (of course with good intentions) gave her medications that just made her more ill. Help, Bonnie to the rescue. 

My daughter's alkaline phosphatase was over 1800 (apx 6-7 times its normal range), her liver bulging out of her body, weight dropped considerably, had hepatitis from all this, and every bit of food she ate made her sicker. She actually became allergic to any food she ingested. 

Within 48 hours of taking the supplements Bonnie suggested, my daughter was no longer jaundice, I could visibly see her swollen liver shrink, and her blood levels were normalizing. How exciting to work with someone who is as talented as Bonnie, works from a cellular level with supplements and diet that is not toxic and of course the real bonus is IT WORKS. If you follow instructions, pay attention, be diligent and participate in your health, it will make a difference. 

And....let me not forget the perimenopause phase and the menopause phase. Listen to Bonnie, it will be a walk in the park!

I have recommended many people over the years and continue to do so. The proof is in the pudding and how can you not share something so wonderful when you know it works. For those of you who have any health issues, or just want to know how to eat healthy and be pro active with a "preventative" mind set, I whole heartedly recommend Nutritional Concepts. Bonnie, Steve and the entire staff will welcome you and help you through your issues.

Talk about impacting your life, my daughter was an art major in college. She was so impressed with how Bonnie affected our lives, she switched her major to nutrition. She has since graduated college, did an internship for a year in a hospital and is currently in the same profession. We have much to thank Bonnie for. 

I thank you Bonnie from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to help me through so many issues over the past 9 years. I wasn't sure I'd get to see my daughter graduate high school. I have been blessed not only to see her graduate high school but college and dance at her wedding this past June. You are special and I hope you continue in your profession for many many years to come so that you can help as many people as possible as you've done for me and my family.

With much love and gratitude from my heart,


I just wanted to thank you for all of your help last year. After 5 long years struggling to keep a pregnancy past 6 weeks, your suggestions and helpfulness played an enormous role in my ability to finally have a child of my own. Your advice and support is appreciated more than you can know!

Thank You,


I just wanted to let you know that after 12 years of lymphoma Mom passed on to her eternal home June 28th.

I want to thank you, Bonnie, for your 12 years of treating my mother. You were and are a instrument of hope and healing and health. Mom far out-lived her large part due to you. Your knowledge, your wisdom, your common sense, your compassion and care...we came to depend upon you, and you walked with us every step of the way. Our entire family thanks you for your constant assistance and guidance in this journey. Thank you.

With unspeakable appreciation,


My pediatric allergist from Children’s Memorial Hospital said that because she is intolerant to chicken, I should avoid all poultry. Bonnie disagreed, and said turkey should be fine. I have to admit I was very reluctant to give her turkey given her severe reactions to chicken. Well, I did it, and she has been eating turkey for about a week now, with no reaction whatsoever. This has opened up a whole new world for us, and I’m so grateful! It’s amazing (OK, infuriating) that my allergist did not know this information! Please give Bonnie my best, and thank her for once again helping our family.


After reviewing your website and several blog entries and newsletters therein, I have developed a great deal of respect for your organization and the information it puts out, and would be honored to be placed on your newsletter.



I had a number of minor health issues. Traditional doctors could not find anything wrong with me and worse were treating me like a hypochondriac. Then I went to see Bonnie. She identified the source of my problems as food allergies. She educated me on what to eat, how to read labels when grocery shopping and what supplements to take. Almost immediately I felt better than I had in my adult life. Thanks to Bonnie's ongoing counsel and support, years later I continue to feel great. 

Thanks, Bonnie.



Fascinating! Results certainly confirm your original diagnosis! You are one smart woman. Thank you for being on top of my problem and being a significant catalyst in making me well! Every time I think of the dermatologists and how they didn't have a clue, but kept me coming back, I have less and less respect for that aspect of medicine. One would think that if they found nothing I was coming into contact with, that they would suggest "I bark up another tree."

That's it for now! You've got my vote and certainly I will be happy to send others to you in need of assistance. Thank you again for your outstanding quality of care.

Hugs, Bobbie



You have lived up to your name! After 6 months of trying, one month of your help, we are pregnant! We are totally amazed and can't thank you enough. One more success story to add to your list!

Thanks again for all of your help,


Hi, Bonnie,

I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your segment on this morning's radio show.  Your presentation of the facts was excellent.  The information was surprising and very, very enlightening.