We hope this finds you and your family to be in excellent health. We’ve all been through a lot recently and are looking forward to being able to resume our usual activities and routines. In-Person Consultations We are prepared to re-open our office for in-person visits beginning June 1st. We still advise that most visits occur via phone, including initial visits. However, should you require or prefer to visit the office, please know we are following all necessary infection control and safety measures to ensure continued well-being for patients and staff. We have made the following changes to our usual visit protocol to help protect patients and staff:

  • Please alert us the day before, or at the latest, the day of your appointment if you, anyone in your household, or anyone with whom you have had contact have been ill with symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle pains, headache, sore throat or shortness of breath or have been diagnosed with COVID-19. If the answers to these questions suggest it is safer if you don’t visit the office, we will convert the appointment to phone or reschedule your appointment to a future date.

  • When you arrive at our office on the day of your appointment, you have two options: sit in the waiting room or remote check-in. For remote check-in, remain in your car and call our office to notify us that you have arrived. When we are ready to see you, we will give you the go ahead to come into the office.

  • Only one client will be permitted to enter the office at a time. Family members and other guests accompanying the patient will given a choice to join the patient in the doctor’s office for the entire visit or to wait outside the building until the end of the visit. Family members and guests will not be permitted to wait in the waiting room. Patients, family, and other guests must follow proper safety procedures when in the office.

  • Everyone is required to bring and wear your own masks. You will be required to put these on before you can enter the office. Hand sanitizer will be available for you to use when in the office if you do not have your own.

  • For the actual appointment, we have established at least six feet of distance for consultations, so you can take off your mask if you prefer. You will need to put it back on when the consultation is complete.

  • To check out, we will key in your credit card payment and in a contactless/remote manner. If diagnostic kits are recommended, they will be given to you directly before you leave the office.

  • We have made changes to our usual protocol so that your visit to us is as safe and easy as possible. We also want to stay open by abiding by the rules of the state of Illinois and the CDC, and do not want to have to close because contact tracers found an infected patient who visited our office.

Despite all of the measures that we have enacted, we recognize that you may still prefer to schedule your appointment as a phone visit. We are more than happy to do so. Picking Up Supplement Orders and Diagnostic Tests Many of you will continue to prefer ordering ahead of time either by email, phone, or website. We are happy to do this for you. We will also continue to leave paid orders outside of our office door if your request us to do so. For walk-ins, please enter with office with your mask on and honor social distancing rules. For diagnostic test pickup, call ahead with your info so we can have it ready for you to pick up. Have a happy, healthy day,

Steve, Bonnie, and the staff at Nutritional Concepts

From eNewsletter 5/27/2020

DID YOU KNOW that a study published last week in Frontiers in Public Health stated: "Orally administered probiotic strains can reduce the incidence and severity of viral respiratory tract infections. At a time when doctors are using drugs with little anti- COVID-19 data, probiotic strains documented for anti-viral and respiratory activities should become part of the armamentarium to reduce the burden and severity of this pandemic."

In a second study published last week from Virus Research, the authors purported: "Gut microbiota diversity is decreased in old age and COVID-19 has been mainly fatal in elderly patients which again points to the role the gut microbiota may play in this disease. Improving gut microbiota profile by personalized nutrition and supplementation known to improve immunity can be one of the prophylactic ways by which the impact of this disease can be minimized in old people and immune-compromised patients."

We love it! PREVENT AND FIGHT CORONAVIRUS 2.0 - SPECIAL ISSUE If you missed our new recommendations about how to prevent and fight the coronavirus, the information is available here.


Steve & Bonnie:Scientists writing in EClinicalMedicine have found a new method of reducing human body weight and fat mass using weighted vests. The new study indicates that there is something comparable to built-in bathroom scales that contributes to keeping our body weight and, by the same token, fat mass constant.

The researchers examined people with a body mass index of 30-35, the lowest obesity category. They were instructed to wear a weighted vest eight hours a day for three weeks, and otherwise live as usual. The control group wore only light vests weighing 2 pounds, while the treatment group wore heavy vests weighing some 24 pounds. After three weeks had passed, the subjects who wore the heavier vests had lost 3.5 pounds in weight, while those wearing the light vests had lost 0.66 pounds. Muscle mass simultaneously remained intact.

The study was based upon a recent finding that there is an energy balance system that endeavors to keep body weight constant: the "gravitostat," as it has been called. To work, the system must contain a kind of personal weighing machine. The researchers' new clinical study shows that similar built-in scales exists in humans. If people do a lot of sitting, what seems to happen is that the reading on our personal scales falls too low. This may explain why sitting is so clearly associated with obesity and ill-health. Weighted vests can raise the reading on the scales, resulting in weight loss. Many questions about how the gravitostat works remain for the researchers to answer, but this is encouraging because it was the first study to look at weighted vests and weight. We already know that weighted vests are very good for osteoporosis prevention.


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