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10,000 Hour Rule Challenged | Cold and Flu Update

From eNewsletter 9/25/2019

DID YOU KNOW that in a new JAMA Psychiatry study, short-term cognitive behavioral therapy treatment (CBT) for internet and computer game addiction is promising at outpatient treatment centers?

We've found that CBT can be very helpful in clients for various addiction and mood disorders.


Steve and Bonnie: To become an expert is more than just getting 10,000 hours of training, according to a study in this month's New Ideas in Psychology.

Malcolm Gladwell's notion that it takes 10,000 hours to make you an expert is taken as gospel. While there is no argument that 10,000 hours is a great goal to attain expertise in just about anything, it always seemed that something was missing. While we could not put a finger on why we felt this way, Norwegian researchers who completed the new study elucidated what we could not. The researchers found five essential components to become not just an expert, but "skill building the right way". This is especially cogent for children. Training with focus. What factors are important for being able to train a lot.

Passion. Much interest in the theme you are working on.

Grit. Great will/perseverance to reach the goals you set.

Mindset. Important to have a growth mindset.

Follow up/significant others. Good teacher/trainer/mentor The image above lists the five components, as well as other adjectives and intangibles for skill building the right way. If you can attain 10,000 hours while adhering to the five essential components, it is hard to believe you won't become a success in anything you do!


Steve: Several new studies to help you get through the cold and flu season...This article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members. You can get this article by signing up here. You can get our free eNewsletter by signing up at the top of our website.


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