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eNewsletter 12/10/2018

DID YOU KNOW that a new study from this month's American Journal of Epidemiology questions the design structure of how the influenza vaccine's effectiveness is ascertained?

"Test-negative designs" are commonplace in assessments of influenza vaccination effectiveness, estimating this from the exposure odds of vaccination among individuals treated for acute respiratory illness who test positive for influenza virus infection.

The researchers say that if the test conditions are unmet, which is common in test-negative designs, "Such bias might suggest misleading associations of vaccine effectiveness with time since vaccination or the force of infection of influenza".

In conclusion the authors end their study with the following sentence: "Our findings demonstrate a need to reassess how data from test-negative studies can inform policy decisions".

Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie

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Future Dad's Must Focus on Health

Bonnie & Steve: When heterosexual couples approach us with fertility trouble, it is almost always the females that make appointments for themselves. The men are usually not a consideration for wellness analysis because of their lack of desire, or their physicians do not emphasize the importance optimal wellness for both partners. This makes no sense as offspring inherit half of their genes and genetic messages from their fathers.

Healthy sperm quality levels are dropping precipitously around the world, but that is only part of the picture. The genetic information being passed along, and the state of that genetic information at conception, is just as important as having healthy sperm.

If the male is exhibiting sperm quality issues, this means that the male is not optimally healthy. This can be addressed by taking the proper measures. We always suggest that couples wait six months to try conception while they get their health in order. Sometimes, it may take even longer to properly prep for conception. Waiting is the right thing to do not only for the couple, but most importantly, for the health of the future child.

Aside from stopping recreational drugs, alcohol, and certain prescription medication, men who want to have children in the near future should do a genetic and blood screening, optimize their diet, and start exercising if they do not already.

We have seen research recently showing that what a man eats has a major effect on the health of his future children. A new study from Diabetes found that paternal exercise had a significant impact on the metabolic health of offspring well into their adulthood.

Finally, a genetic screening can be very helpful for fertility by tampering down negative messaging to gene mutations, thus increasing the healthspan of sperm. More importantly, finding gene mutations that impair nutrient absorption, and adding nutrients that can bypass those genetic mutations, will be highly beneficial to offspring.

Any time couples can "harmonize" their genetic messaging at the time of conception gives their offspring a much better chance of a healthier existence!

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