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Carbonated vs Mineral Water

From eNewsletter 6/19/2023

DID YOU KNOW that a new study on centenarians sheds light on how they live so long, often with high quality of life?

We have discussed numerous times that there needs to be a balance between good and bad bacteria in and on our bodies. We also have to include viral balance into the equation.

Research has shown that the intestinal bacteria of centenarians produce brand new molecules that make them resistant to disease-promoting microorganisms. And when their intestines are better protected against infection, it is one of the things that cause them to live longer than others.

In this Nature Microbiology study, researchers found great biological diversity in both bacteria and viruses in the centenarians. High microbial diversity has usually been associated with a healthy gut microbiome. But this study was one of the first to show that specific viruses in the intestines can have a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora and thus on our health.


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Carbonated vs Mineral Water

Steve: A client recently brought to my attention a piece about bubbly water that warrants your attention. As you may or may not know, I am very specific about which brands of bubbly water I recommend.

Water that contains bubbles is derived by one of two processes: man-made or natural.

Carbonated Water

The man-made process of making water bubbly is called carbonation. It happens by forcing carbon into water under pressure. Whether it is the pressure or the carbon itself, in some individuals, carbonated water can induce or exacerbate intestinal discomfort, especially in those with irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, research exists regarding carbonation and greater appetite by inducing the hormone ghrelin. Finally, excess phosphorous from carbonation may also mildly affect bone mineralization.

Sparkling Mineral Water

Sparkling mineral water derives its effervescence from naturally occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium that naturally infuse into water under pressure deep under the earth. In most individuals with sensitive gastrointestinal systems, sparkling mineral water is well tolerated. In addition, it does not increase appetite and actually foments bone mineralization because of the naturally occurring minerals.

Let's Be Realistic

I want to be very clear about what I'm saying. If I had to choose between plain carbonated water and sugar or artificially sweetened soda, plain carbonated water is the choice ten times out of ten. And for most of you, carbonated water is perfectly fine.

However, when you have the option to choose between carbonated and sparkling mineral water, I prefer sparkling mineral water because I'm always looking for ways to optimize your lives.

If you love your carbonated water, one way to minimize the potential downsides is to let it sit out for five minutes before you drink it so it can flatten a bit.

Our preferred brands of sparkling mineral water are Gerolsteiner and San Pellegrino. We know there are others, but these are the most readily available.


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