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Corn Killer | Jail for Vegans | Microplastic Bloom

From eNewsletter 6/10/2019

DID YOU KNOW that a new study in Nature Sustainability establishes that environmental damage caused by corn production results in 4,300 premature deaths annually in the United States, representing a monetized cost of $39 billion?

Health damages caused by corn production were tabulated using detailed information on pollution emissions, pollution transport by wind, and human exposure to increased air pollution levels.

Increased concentrations of fine particulate matter are driven by emissions of ammonia, that result from nitrogen fertilizer use. Farmers can greatly improve the environmental profile of their corn by using precision agriculture tools and switching to fertilizers that have lower ammonia emissions.

We should demand this as corn is subsidized by the USDA, which means subsidized by us, the taxpayers!

WHY WE NEED TO DETOX WELL Steve and Bonnie: There's a specific reason we want to make sure your body is properly detoxifying. Among the many environmental toxins we are exposed to daily, a new report in Environmental Science and Technology suggest that the average American consumes 70,000 particles of microplastic per year.

While the researchers claim that the health effects are unclear, we have a pretty good idea. Plastics are xenoestrogenic, whether BPA-free or not. For those who do not detoxify estrogens properly, this could be highly detrimental.

-There are steps you can take to limit microplastic exposure and its effects. Limit foods and beverages provided in plastic receptacles. Try to keep them in glass, stainless steel, ceramic, or containers other than plastic when possible.

-Drink filtered tap water when possible. The study says that the average American can consume an extra 20,000-40,000 microparticles if drinking exclusively from plastic receptacles.

-Find out how well you detoxify. This is crucial, because if there are deficiencies, we can help. Our Pure Genomics Wellness Screening covers the most important detoxification pathways.

There's no reason to stress about microparticles. They're ubiquitous on every square inch of the planet. Control what you can control by limiting use and staying healthy with optimal detoxification.


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