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COVID-19 Antibody Test Recommendation

From eNewsletter 5/13/2020

DID YOU KNOW that people who attended religious services at least once a week were significantly less likely to die from "deaths of despair," including deaths related to suicide, drug overdose, and alcohol poisoning, according to new research led by Harvard School of Public Health and published in JAMA Psychiatry? After adjusting for numerous variables, women who attended services at least once per week had a 68% lower risk of death from despair compared to those never attending services. Men who attended services at least once per week had 33% lower risk of death from despair.

PREVENT AND FIGHT: CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL ISSUE If you missed our specific recommendations about how to prevent and fight the coronavirus, the information is at this link.

ANTIBODY TEST UPDATE We suggest you watch this short, simple explanation about antibody testing.

After watching this, you now understand why antibody testing, at this moment, is not ideal. That said, many of you have shown interest in getting an antibody test and we found one (click on the name to be taken to the test page)

QuestDiagnostics COVID-19 Immune Response

This test will only confirm if you had COVID-19 in the past. There are many caveats, so please read the fine print. We have no financial interest in this test. We feel comfortable recommending it because of the following:

  • The test is FDA approved.

  • It is a blood test, not fingerstick (in which we do not trust any).

  • You can purchase the test directly, without a doctor referral, and arrange a phlebotomist appointment at the nearest Quest location.

  • The test should be 100% covered by your healthcare plan.

  • Our connections with expertise in bloodwork endorsed this test, and this test only.

**This antibody test will not confirm if you are currently infected with COVID-19 OR if could get COVID-19 again.** Please relay all questions about the test to QuestDiagnostics. In conclusion, we still recommend waiting until more comprehensive testing is available, but for those of you who have the shpilkes (Yiddish for a state of impatience), this is the best that's available.