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Diabetes Risk Drops 75% | Zantac Update

From eNewsletter 9/23/2019

DID YOU KNOW that in a group of adults seen in a primary care setting, lower blood magnesium levels were associated with depressive symptoms?

The researchers in the Nutrients study showed that serum magnesium may help identify the biological mechanism of depressive symptoms and identify patients likely to respond to magnesium supplementation.


Many of you asked about the form and dosage of Pepcid as a short-term replacement for Zantac. We only recommend the 10 milligram Pepcid AC Original Strength tablet once or twice daily maximum. Take 15 to 20 minutes before eating. *Please note this product DOES NOT contain cornstarch so is okay for corn intolerant individuals.


Steve and Bonnie: By now, we're all aware of how healthy behaviors are the key to type 2 diabetes prevention. But a new study in Diabetologia shows just how dramatic the combined effect of adopting all of these behaviors can be. You can reduce the risk of developing the disease by as much as 75%, as well as substantially reduce poor outcomes among those who have diabetes.

The researchers urge that lifestyle modification should be the cornerstone and should be promoted for all people around the world to prevent diabetes as well as diabetes complications and premature deaths among diabetic patients.

Moreover, the study emphasized the promotion of an overall healthy lifestyle, instead of tackling one particular lifestyle factor.

The study looked at combined lifestyle factors including physical activity, diet, being overweight or obese, smoking or alcohol use, and predetermined outcomes.

The most important message of this study? The authors urge that the healthy behaviors message needs to begin in childhood, especially with increasing rates of type 2 diabetes in adolescents and young adults. The efforts have to start with the youngest children and not wait until high school or college - that is already too late.


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