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Does Your Exercise Match Your Genes?

From eNewsletter 2/27/2019

DID YOU KNOW that of the top 11 most absorbable vitamin D food sources, nine of them are fish or shellfish (cod liver oil was the highest at 1360IU per tablespoon)? The other two were mushrooms and whole eggs (50 and 40IU respectively). Fortified milk was not on the list because in most humans, it is a malabsorbed food.


Bonnie & Steve: Does this sound familiar? After performing a certain exercise with a friend, you feel awful and your friend feels awesome. You're the same age, frame, and weight. You're in the same condition and perform at the same intensity. Yet, you feel sore and creaky after each session, while your friend feels invigorated. You're oft injured and your friend is never hurt. Your friend lost body fat mass and you didn't.

If this sounds familiar, it shouldn't. You are most likely not adhering to your optimal exercise style.

Just as no eating style should be the same for everyone, the same is true for exercise. One size does not fit all, especially because 50 to 60 percent of the differences are genetic.

We know that exercise is crucial to mental and physical health. However, if we are exercising in a way that is diametrically opposed to our genetics, we can do long-term harm.

We know what kind of exercise works best for us, or do we? We've really just been guessing until now.

With our new Pure Genomics Energy & Fitness Screening, we can now look at your genetics and tell what type of activity is right for you. Maybe you're lucky and you can do it all. We can also discern if have the proper genetics to use exercise as a body fat reducer.

Exercise goes much deeper than just discovering if you have fast twitch or slow twitch fibers. Knowing your optimal exercise protocol can be the difference between getting that feeling of euphoria we should all have during and after exercise, or being oft-injured, inflamed, and slow to recover.

Exercise type, injury risk, and exercise response are covered in this screening. Moreover, there are numerous genetic clues from other Pure Genomics panels that can further individualize your exercise protocol.

If you have already done your Pure Genomics screening and need an updated analysis, including your Energy & Fitness panel, we can do written analysis, by phone, or in-office. NCI Well Connect Members get 50% off if done with Steve.

If you have not done a Pure Genomics screening, please have your genome tested at or When your results are ready, contact us for the next steps.


Steve: Children and adolescents whose mothers follow five healthy habits are 75% less likely to become obese when compared with children of mothers who did not follow any such habits, according to a new study in BMJ...this article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members. You can get this article by signing up here.

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