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Hot Beverage Warning

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

From eNewsletter 3/27/2019

DID YOU KNOW that if you like your soup or tea piping hot, you may want to let it cool off? A new International Journal of Cancer study followed 50,045 hot tea drinkers for 10 years.

Compared with drinking tea at less than 140 degrees, drinking tea at higher than 140 degrees was associated with a 90 percent higher risk of esophageal cancer. 

The easy fix? Just wait a minute or two until piping hot beverages or soups cool down before drinking.


Steve: I recently completed a research paper for the purpose of discovering if omega-3 deficiency led to osteoarthritis. For those interested in reading the paper, you can read it here. If not, I summarized my findings below.

  • There wasn't sufficient research to directly link omega-3 deficiency to osteoarthritis. However, I was able to find several strong studies showing that the majority of the U.S. population has a highly skewed omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio. When one consumes too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3, inflammation and pain are much more likely to occur.

  • Surprisingly, when assessing the effect of regular fish oil for ameliorating osteoarthritis symptoms, the existing studies were underwhelming. There was one study showing a positive effect from fish oil, but from a low dose instead of high dose. Once again, more research required. 

  • The exciting discovery was that resolvins were found to be effective for preventing and managing osteoarthritis. You may recall that we introduced resolvins, otherwise known as SPMs, several years ago as a supplemental therapy to address chronic and acute pain that had yet to be resolved. Simply, resolvins are two chemicals in EPA and DHA that give fish oil its anti-inflammatory capabilities. When highly concentrated, much more than is provided in a daily dose of fish oil, resolvins can do wonders for resolving the inflammatory cascade.

In conclusion, while regular fish oil has myriad benefits, such as attenuating negative genetic expression, research has not yet proven a direct link to osteoarthritis. 

If you have unresolved pain from osteoarthritis or any other inflammatory condition, I feel very confident based upon the research, and what we've seen clinically, recommending resolvins for you.


Bonnie: When I took my first nutrition course, I thought too much emphasis was placed upon making a colorful plate of food. But recent research confirms that people will enjoy their food more if there is a lot of variety of colorful foods. Trendy restaurants are now putting together beautiful appointed and tasty bowl meals. They are easy to make and can satisfy any palette. Some tips for making your own bowls at home.

  • Save calories by using a smaller bowl.

  • Save money by using left-overs.

  • Save time by using pre-chopped vegetables found at salad bars and in most grocery stores...this article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members. You can get this article by signing up here. You can get our free eNewsletter by signing up at the top of our website.


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