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Multi Boosts Memory Study Says

From eNewsletter 6/12/2023

DID YOU KNOW that late last month, results from a study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a daily multivitamin improved memory and cognition in adults over 60? The study made national news.

The multivitamin used in the study was Pfizer's Centrum Silver. As we always announce special interests and funding in drug trials, we must be fair and disclose that Pfizer funded this multivitamin study. The lead author was also a paid consultant to Pfizer.

We have never liked Centrum Silver for the following reasons:

The source ingredients are awful, especially the B-vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. Not to mention that the selenium source is sodium selenate, a cyanide byproduct.

The inactive ingredients are worse: Maltodextrin (corn sugar), Modified Corn Starch (corn again), Blue 2 Lake (artificial color that will soon be outlawed), Corn Starch (corn again), Polydextrose (more corn filler), Red 40 Lake (artificial color that will soon be outlawed), Talc (Johnson and Johnson just settled a lawsuit for the use of this in baby powder), Titanium Dioxide (filler soon to be outlawed).

If a multi with all this junk can still create positive results, imagine how much better a quality multivitamin would do!


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Before, During, and After Pregnancy

Steve: We've always placed great emphasis on preparing clients for pregnancy, optimizing pregnancy, and nursing optimally. Going back to when Bonnie did her public health internship at the March of Dimes to look at folic acid preventing neural tube defects, we have believed there is no better way "to pay it forward" than to optimize yourself throughout the process. This is true for both partners. The following are a few major research findings. Today's Well Connect Feature covers much more.

Parental Lifestyle Patterns Preconception Crucial

A study from Frontiers in Nutrition found that high parental body mass index, smoking, low diet quality, or high sedentary lifestyle before or during pregnancy were associated with higher risk of overweight and obesity in children.

Most Prenatals Stink

According to a damning study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, almost no US dietary supplements provide key nutrients in the doses needed for pregnant women. We know this to be true. This is why we worked with a supplement manufacturer many years ago to create one.

Vitamin D Sufficiency Is Critical

A study from The Journal of Nutrition confirmed a high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy, and revealed evidence of an association between lower gestational vitamin D and childhood behavioral problems. Interventions to correct vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy would improve childhood behavioral outcomes.

A study from Nutrients found that increasing vitamin D levels during pregnancy could be protective against chronic intestinal inflammatory disorders in offspring.

Neuroscientists in Journal of Neurochemistry have shown how vitamin D deficiency affects developing neurons in the brain's dopamine circuit, which may lead to the dopamine dysfunction seen in adults with schizophrenia.

Midwifery Is a Major Value Add

Midwives provide safe primary care for pregnant women who are at various levels of medical risk, new data in Canadian Medical Association Journal suggest. For midwifery clients, birth outcomes were similar to or were better than birth outcomes of patients who had physician-led or obstetrician-led care. In addition, midwifery clients were less likely to experience preterm births or have low-birth-weight babies and to experience cesarean deliveries or births involving instruments.

The First 1000 Days

The National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health started a campaign to focus on optimizing the first 1000 days - the from conception through the first 2 years of life - and how it can lead to long-term health outcomes, such as substance use disorders, depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease, impacts that can be passed down through generations. When we think about infant and child development, we naturally consider factors like maternal exposures to chemicals or substances, illnesses, or suboptimal nutrition. But the evidence shows that a far wider range of factors, like chronic stress, poverty, racial discrimination, housing insecurity, or persistent community disruptions, are also linked to early mortality in communities most impacted by these factors. Conversely, protective exposures, like strong family relationships, community involvement, and mentoring, can help mitigate these negative factors and create resilience.


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