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New Year Rx's You Can't Fill at a Pharmacy

From eNewsletter 1/2/2019

DID YOU KNOW these New Year Rx's that cannot be filled at a pharmacy?

Exercise Rx - new study in Journal of Applied Physiology followed subjects who exercised consistently for 50 years versus those who did not in adulthood versus a group of active people in their 20's. Exercise hobbiests were almost unrecognizable to young adults with regard to capillaries and enzymes. They had slightly lower aerobic capacity but not by much. Overall, the exercise hobbiests were about 30 years younger metabolically. Nature Rx - is relaxation, physical activity, social support (parks), mental health, awe, and fresh air. Eating Style Rx - understanding and adhering to your optimal eating style gets your year started in the right direction. Dietary Supplements Rx - individualized nutrients fill in the gaps where you are deficient, for prevention, or as therapeutic treatment for health issues. Sleep Rx - rejuvenating, stress reducing, mind balancing, battery recharging sleep is essential.


Bonnie & Steve: A new study links higher levels of several key nutrients in the blood with more efficient brain connectivity and performance on cognitive tests in older adults.

The study in NeuroImage looked at 32 key nutrients in the Mediterranean diet, which previous research has shown is associated with better brain function in aging. It included healthy adults 65-75 years of age.

Rather than asking participants to answer food-intake surveys, which require the accurate recall of what and how much participants ate, researchers looked for patterns of nutrient "biomarkers" in the blood. The researchers also used functional magnetic resonance imaging to carefully evaluate the efficiency with which various brain networks performed. Participants also completed several cognitive tests.

The analysis found a robust link between higher levels of several nutrient biomarkers in the blood and enhanced performance on specific cognitive tests. These nutrients, which appeared to work synergistically, included omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, lycopene, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

The analysis also revealed that a pattern of omega-3s and carotene was linked to better functional brain network efficiency.

This was a wonderfully structured study that buoys what we already know, that targeted nutrients and and a Mediterranean eating style, whether traditional or PaleoMediterranean, works for better brain function!


Steve & Bonnie: Of course you're very well versed with probiotics and how helpful they can be for gut health. Yet, until recently, "prebiotics" were more of an unknown. In case you're not familiar, lets discuss how prebiotics differ from probiotics, types of prebiotics, and more....

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