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Popular Med Limits Ability to Fight Infection

DID YOU KNOW that consuming just one energy drink was associated with acute, significant impairment in endothelial function of young, healthy adults?

In findings from a new study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2018, researchers found an approximately 50% reduction in the arteries' ability to dilate.

The subjects weren't doing any physical activity, but many young people consume energy drinks before they exercise and during exercise, and it is critical that arteries dilate properly to deliver the increased demands of oxygen to the brain, heart, and muscles.

Statins Limit Your Ability to Fight Infection

Bonnie and Steve: When it comes to fighting infection, millions of Americans may eschewing one of their major defenses unknowingly.

In a study in Cell Host & Microbe, researchers examined the way methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) delivers its deadly blow, and the way our body protects us. Unfortunately for those taking statin medication, a major line of defense may be deeply depleted.

When alerted of an invasion, immune cells first call macrophages to surround and engulf bacteria, quarantining them inside a compartment. The cell then destroys them with weapons called reactive oxygen species (ROS).

But many bacteria, including salmonella and MRSA, have found ways to avoid this form of attack. Until now, researchers did not know what backup system immune cells employed to fight these bacteria.

What they found is that while MRSA have learned to avoid the initial immune attacks for a while, it cannot hold them off forever. As long as immune cells can call upon mitochondria to ramp up the production of ROS, MRSA and the like will eventually succumb.

The problem with statin medication is that it depletes our mitochondria, which is why muscle pain and muscle wasting is a common side effect. We have also seen some research showing that in those taking statins, immune systems are often compromised. Now we know why.

NOTE: If you are immunocompromised or get infections often, and you are taking a statin, it may be having a devastating effect on your mitochondria, which provide your immune cells with the weapons to fight infection.

If you cannot eliminate the statin, at the very least, supplement with Co-enzyme Q10, which will help the remaining mitochondria function better.

Deep Dive Into Co-Enzyme Q10

Steve: CoQ10, or ubiquinone, is a vitamin-like substance found in nearly all cells in the human body. Sometimes called vitamin P, CoQ10 is a vital component of cellular energy metabolism and for proper functioning of the mitochondria...

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