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Safer Phone and WiFi Use

From eNewsletter 11/15/2023

DID YOU KNOW that a study in JAMA Network Open found that more physical activity in late childhood (10-14 years old) is associated with an increase in brain volume in regions involved in cognition, emotion, learning, and psychiatric illness?

Every additional hour per week in sports participation was associated with a larger volume change in subcortical gray matter and total white matter. Outdoor play was associated with increased amygdala and hippocampus volume.

Thus, the authors state physical activity is one of the most promising lifestyle choices to support children's intelligence and emotional health.


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Tips for Safer Phone & WiFi Use

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Tips for Safer Phone and WiFi Use

Steve: Thanks to our client Marne for sharing these useful tips.

Mobile phones, tablets and WiFi computers have become an integral part of daily life. Nonetheless, the majority of modern research shows that even low intensities of the non-ionizing radiation they emit can affect biology in various ways over time.

Limiting the amount of time spent on devices and extending the distance between the radiating device and the body are the main ways you can impact your own exposure and lower the risk of negative effects over time. Here are some recommendations for safer use:


Whenever the cell phone is powered on, keep it away from your head and body.

Text or use a wired headset or speakerphone for calls if possible.

Use the phone when there is good connectivity (all bars are filled), and avoid using it in an elevator or moving vehicle.

Carry your phone in a backpack, bag or purse. Don’t keep it in your pocket or tucked in clothing unless it is in Airplane mode.

Protect children and babies from exposure to mobile phone radiation as much as possible, especially when you are holding or otherwise very near your child.


Rather than on your lap, keep tablets and "laptop" computers on a table or a laptop desk, so there is distance from the body.

When possible, use an ethernet (wired) connection rather than WIFI whenever possible.

Keep the WiFi router (modem) away from your work space, bed, or other places you spend extended time.

If possible, turn off the router when WiFi is not in use, especially overnight when you are sleeping.

Children's schools should be encouraged to use ethernet connections whenever possible. If not possible, WiFi “on demand” should be used, rather than routers that are turned on and radiating all the time.

Avoid using tablets and laptops in rows (such as in a classroom) where someone else’s head or body could be directly in front of the screen in use (WiFi antennas are generally located near the screen).

And remember, distance is your friend! Radiation begins to drop off significantly even a short distance away.


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