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Switching to Plant Protein? Read This First

From eNewsletter 9/28/2020

DID YOU KNOW that one of the best ways to prevent viral infection during fall and winter is to humidify your domicile and workplace? While not as much of an issue in warmer climates, in many parts of the country that get very cold and dry, it is crucial to humidify the air. A whole house humidifier is ideal because you won't have to move around a room-only humidifier. If that is not an option, keep the humidifier in the room(s) where you spend the most time, including your bedroom. If your workplace does not humidify, there are desktop humidifiers available. FALL 20% OFF SALE From today until the end of day on September 30th, take advantage of both September and October sale items. See or eNewsletter for details.

PURE ENCAPSULATIONS ESTER-C & FLAVONOIDS, NOW CALLED ESSENTIAL-C & FLAVONOIDS, ARE BACK! Ester-C & Flavonoids, now called Essential-C & Flavonoids, is finally available. The formula contains buffered vitamin C with a small amount of quercetin and rutin. VIRUS PREVENTION

Continue with extra immune support until summer of 2021. SARS-CoV-2 knows no boundaries and does not discriminate. Besides, SARS-CoV-2 is not the only virus we fight. There is influenza (flu), norovirus (stomach flu), adenovirus (common cold), and four other coronaviruses (common cold), among others. Prevent and Fight Coronavirus 2.0 is our must-read protocol. For detailed advice about conventional, as well as integrative treatments, read Steve Minsky's COVID-19 Condition Monograph.


Steve and Bonnie: There are several studies with regard to bone health that warrants your attention.

Replacing Plant for Animal Protein With so much pressure being put on us from the media to replace animal with plant protein, without any regard for individual needs, there are health consequences that are never discussed. One adverse effect is bone health. A new study in this month's The Journal of Nutrition examined whether even partial replacement of animal protein with plant-based protein affected bone and mineral metabolism in healthy adults. In those who replaced 40% of animal protein with plant protein for 12 weeks, markers for bone resorption (bone breakdown) increased and bone formation decreased, indicating a risk for bone health, especially if adhered to long-term. Note that this study was performed on healthy subjects, so the potential damage to those with comorbidities or older persons could be more dramatic.

Bone Drugs Reduce Bone Toughness For those who have been clients for a long time, you have heard us shout from the mountaintop that a class of bone drugs called bisphosphonates were awful because they only created brittle bone. Unfortunately, this was confirmed in a new study from Bone. According to researchers, using bisphosphonates for several years is associated with increasing brittleness and decreasing toughness of bone. True bone fracture mechanics tests suggest that bone toughness declines by about 20% or more, despite increased hardness and modulus with bisphosphonates treatment.

Scoliosis Scoliosis is the most common spinal deformity affecting pediatric patients. A posterior spinal fusion is the gold standard treatment for patients with curves exceeding 45 degrees, but the procedure's drawbacks include the loss of spinal mobility, persistent pain and adjacent segment disc disease. However, a new study from Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery shows an alternative to PSF called vertebral body tethering yields promising results with fewer long-term consequences.


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