Top 2019 Wellness Stories | 5 Studies That Challenged Medical Dogma

From eNewsletter 12/30/2019

DID YOU KNOW that you need to get back to regular sleep habits if you are out of sync? It is especially crucial for adolescents.

A new study from JAMA Pediatrics has found that adolescent sleep timing preferences and patterns are risk factors for obesity and cardiometabolic health, and that the effects are greater in girls than in boys.

Beyond quantity and quality, timing is a vital component of sleep because it determines if the internal sleep/wake schedule is synchronized with the rhythms of daily activities.

Not surprisingly, night owls had higher waist circumference and greater abdominal fat deposition than morning persons.

Families should be at the forefront for encouraging better sleep habits, but schools can also play an important role by enacting polices that delay morning start times and by making it easier for students to devote time during the school day to academic or athletic activities that are spilling more and more into the late night.


Bonnie and Steve: We chose what we felt were the most important stories of all of our 2019 eNewsletters.

  • There is a disconnect in understanding the plant-based food movement. The disconnect lies in that the movement, as currently constructed, is a fraud. We can make it fairly simple for you. If you truly wanted to adhere to a vegan diet that would be considered healthy, only about two percent of the citizens in this country could follow it. Out of that two percent, only about five percent could follow it long-term and still be healthy. If you are one of those individuals, we tip our caps to you. For everyone else thinking they are following a healthy vegan diet by eating plant-based foods, you are not.