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Wellness Guide for a New Decade | Nutritional Concepts Turns 35

From eNewsletter 1/1/2020

DID YOU KNOW this is a very special year for us? 2020 is Nutritional Concepts 35th anniversary! It is amazing how many of you have been with us from the beginning. There have been tremendous advances in wellness over the last 35 years, but we have found that the fundamentals have changed very little. We feel this decade is going to bring the most incredible advances in wellness yet. We are primed to synthesize these advances and bring them to you in terms you can apply to your everyday lives. We relish the opportunity to guide you on your wellness journey. Happy New Year! 


Steve & Bonnie: It is the dawn of a new decade. Let's not look behind at your wellness foibles but focus on the progress you have made. We cannot discuss the 2020s without acknowledging the role genetics will have. Whether you feel comfortable about it or not, understanding how your genes are expressed (epigenetics) have an immense effect on your body's function. The title of this reaffirming study in one of the most prestigious journals in the world, New England Journal of Medicine, says it all: "The key role of epigenetics in human disease prevention and mitigation". Born into a world with a feeling of genetic determinism? Not so fast. Our genes tell us what our possibilities are and what we might become. We may not be able to change the beginning, but we can change the ending. Why not be all that you can be? Make your environment the best it can be to support your genetic expression.

It is crucial to use genetic screening as part of a process, coupled together with how we eat and our nutrient intake, using blood biomarkers, encourage constant movement, and make sure to rest and recharge. We should strive to optimize our functional capacity - defined as physical (muscular strength, endurance, etc.), physiological (biomarkers), cognitive, and emotional. Our genes, when we interact with our environment and lifestyle, produce outcomes of these four paradigms. This is a much different model of conventional medicine, which is to look for disease. Each individual's disease risk is different and needs individual direction instead of lumped into one disease risk model. How can we best prevent disease? Optimize our epigenetic modifiers by receiving the best messages your can genes can get. Nutrients play a huge role in how information from our environment effect us down to a cellular level. Bath your genes with signals from voluntary things you can do. Food, drink, exercise, social, spirituality, supplements, etc. This is lifestyle medicine. The conventional disease care system does not worry about these. If you have not done so already, allow us to map and analyze your genetic wellness needs. It is an absolute must for your immediate and long-term future, not to mention for generations to come.


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