While an internist may prescribe medication, procedures, or referrals, we prescribe individualized food, nutrient, and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve optimal health. No case is too tough. We have seen it all.

Bonnie C. Minsky, Co-Owner

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Master of Public Health

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Certified Menopause Educator

Founded Nutritional Concepts in 1985.


In 1990, Bonnie co-authored the bill that licensed Nutritionists in Illinois, only the second of its kind in the United States at the time.

Bonnie has counseled over 8,000 clients to date, from infants to the elderly, and has more wellness expertise in her pinky than we can ever dream of!

Bonnie's Curriculum Vitae


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Steve Minsky, Co-Owner

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Pure Genomics Specialist
PCS (Long COVID) Specialist

Editor, NCI Well Connect
USATF Masters Track Athlete

Steve has been with Nutritional Concepts since 1998.

Steve coaches all phases of lifestyle optimization: diet, sleep, exercise, mood, stress management, genetics, and environmental toxicology.


Steve has expertise in lifestyle consulting for youth and masters athletes. 

Steve and Bonnie have performed over individual 600 Pure Genomics Genetic Analysis evaluations to date.

Steve's Clinical Research


COVID Condition Monograph 11-20

COVID Condition Monograph 9-20


Niacinamide as a Chemopreventive

In-Office Genetic Studies

Do FTO gene mutations raise the risk of overweight and obesity?

Blood sugar disorders can lead to Alzheimer's disease.


Does omega-3 deficiency lead to osteoarthritis? 

Time-Restricted Feeding Study


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