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The wellness journey starts here. We are often asked what is our specialty. We are proud to say our speciality is not having a specialty! We look at the whole individual to ascertain what are the best wellness treatments to achieve optimal health. On-site and off, we have services to nurture all of your individual wellness needs.

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Bonnie C. Minsky

Full Service Wellness Analysis


Steve Minsky

Full Service Wellness Analysis

Dr. Liselotte Schuster
Chiropractic Services

Call 847-509-9067 for an appointment



New Client Bloodwork

Most clients have their physicians order bloodwork for insurance purposes.

Our lab affiliation is Northern Illinois Clinical Labs (NICL) in Northbrook. $223.00 or $243.00 (if you need blood type). You must pay us first to get your bloodwork order requisition.

You an also order bloodwork without a doctor's order though Quest Diagnostics.

We do not accept labs taken before or after a surgical procedure, if you had an infection, or for life insurance.


You need at least 75% of the following to be able to make a first time appointment:

CBC (including basophils and eosinophils)
CHEM SCREEN with HDL/LDL cholesterol differential
CO2 (as bicarbonate)
ESR (Sed Rate)
CRP (C-Reactive Protein)
BLOOD TYPE (if you do not know)
VITAMIN D 25 Hydroxy 25(OH) D



Fast from 10PM the evening prior to the test. Water is suggested. Do not take dietary supplements 24 hours prior. You should be off antihistamines 48 hours prior, antibiotics two weeks prior, and/or oral cortisone four weeks prior to blood draw. If not medically possible, please let Bonnie know at your appointment.

Food Intolerance Testing

New clients can have this done prior to initial visit with authorization. Please email Bonnie at to explain why you feel you need this test.

Genetic Testing

We only accept raw genetic data from and Here are instructions on how to do this.

*Saliva Hormone and Hair Analysis are available upon request with authorization.

Self Help & Online


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Action Plan Library

Self-help plans covering myriad wellness topics from food intolerances to mood.

46 titles from $2.95 to $9.95


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