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2 Ways to Beat Pre-Autoimmunity

From eNewsletter 10/23/2023

DID YOU KNOW that a slew of new studies were published regarding screen time?

  • According to a University of Michigan poll, two-thirds of parents are worried about children's increased time on devices, including overall screen time and use of social media, taking the No.1 and No.2 spots on the list of children's health concerns this year.

  • Greater screen time for children aged 1 year was associated with developmental delays in communication and problem-solving at ages 2 and 4 years, according to JAMA Pediatrics.

  • Researchers publishing in Medrxiv found higher odds of psychiatric diagnoses among adolescents with the most time spent across all screen-based behaviors. Minimum time spent on gaming was also associated with lower odds of psychiatric diagnoses.

Exposing infants to screen time seems detrimental. While screen time for adolescents is often necessary for school, there can be a happy medium. Screen time for school-related purposes should always come first. Then, screen time for pleasure should be kept to a finite window of time. Finally, the most important thing is to be consistent regulating allowed screen time.


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Two Ways to Prevent Pre-Autoimmunity

Steve: Over the next decade, you will be hearing the term pre-autoimmunity a lot more. It is critical that health professionals pay attention to this because if left unchecked, pre-autoimmunity becomes autoimmunity.

Pre-autoimmunity can smolder under the surface and appear way before special autoimmune titers are out of medical range. At this time, the only way to assess pre-autoimmunity is to look at specific factors in routine blood work, as well as sign and symptom questionnaires. We have experience with this.

Why is it so important to treat the pre-autoimmunity stage? Once you develop an autoimmune disorder, it is a long slog to remission, if it is even possible. In the majority of cases, it becomes more about managing symptoms than remission.

Here are two very important tips to prevent pre-autoimmunity.

  • If we learned anything from COVID-19, it is critical to implement supportive, targeted nutrients and therapies at the first sign of infection of any kind. Once the initial infection is neutralized, to minimize the chance of lingering immune hyperexcitability, and possibly reactivating latent viruses (Epstein-Barr, herpes, shignles), there are other nutrients and therapies to make sure your immune system calms down. Our Infection Protocol covers this very well.

  • Have your health professional assess what substances you consume, drink, put on your skin, and breathe into your lungs on a daily basis to make sure that your immune system does not treat them as foreign invaders. When your immune system is activated day after day and has no chance to rest, it can become dysfunctional, hyperexcited, and will eventually attack your own tissues, hence autoimmunity.


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