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3 Ways to Put Life into Perspective

From eNewsletter 1/11/2021

DID YOU KNOW that in times of great chaos, we can still put things in perspective? A pandemic and political unrest alone can push our coping mechanisms to the brink, without even taking into account the "mundane" stressors of daily life. Yet, when push comes to shove, there are several simple tenets you can adhere to during the darkest of times.

  1. Practice Simplicity. At life's craziest junctures, anything you can do to simplify your life will help. Even something as simple as pushing back a non-essential errand to allow more time to compartmentalize and relax is helpful.

  2. Control Only What You Control. We tell our kids this right? But it is easy to forget when things seem to be falling apart around us. Focus on the big picture, which is this: Be the best you can be. Help your significant others be the best they can be. Help your community be the best it can be. If you succeed with all three and want to take it to beyond that, we commend you.

  3. Breathe. During times such as these, we tend to shallow breathe, which makes us even more tense. Focus on breathing in and out of your diaphragm, such that you should see your stomach rise and fall slowly. This is real breathing. To lower stress, breathe in for five seconds, hold it for a moment, and slowly exhale. The simple act of breathing properly positively affects all organ systems and helps balance us.

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