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A Safe and Effective Rx

From eNewsletter 5/6/2024

DID YOU KNOW that vitamin E combats inflammation, makes red blood cells, supports healthy immune function and helps your body use vitamin K?

A study from The Journal of Nutrition found that vitamin E deficiency increases your risk for immune dysfunction, cognitive deterioration, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers, including prostate, breast, colon and lung cancers.

Vitamin E prevents the inflammatory fatty acid caled linoleic acid (LA) from being oxidized into toxic byproducts. Since most people consume LA 10 times higher than normal, and since excess LA likely is one of the primary contributors to inflammatory chronic disease, getting sufficient vitamin E from food or supplements is helpful.

When supplementing, make sure it’s natural vitamin E balanced with all vitamin E compounds, called tocopherols. It is written on the label as "mixed tocopherols". We do not recommend self-supplementing with vitamin E for therapeutic purposes unless you speak with your health professional.

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