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From eNewsletter 5/17/2021

DID YOU KNOW that a study in the May issue of one of our favorite journals, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, lauded vitamin D for its critical importance for COVID-19 prevention? Habitual use of vitamin D supplements was significantly associated with a 34% lower risk of COVID-19 infection in study participants. As long as American public health officials stay silent over vitamin D, we will continually work to draw it out of the shadows, shed light on the voluminous data that exists, and shower it with the praise it deserves.

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  • Well Connect Feature: Manganese in the Spotlight

  • Did You Know? Meds: Antibiotics Do This As Well?

  • Mythbuster: How Many Friends Can One Have?

  • Brand Buzz: Special Cooking Spray | Fava Bean Snack

  • Understanding Lab Tests: Benefits of Hair Analysis

  • Green Lifestyle: Effect of Natural Sounds

  • Wild Card: More on Our Virome

  • eInspire: Quote from Mary Lou Retton

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UPDATE: Our COVID-19 Vaccine Opinion This document was