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Pain Relief Diet Confirmed

From eNewsletter 8/7/2023

DID YOU KNOW there is a distinct advantage to knowing your diet and lifestyle genetic blueprint early in life?

One study in Frontiers in Nutrition found that over 50% of the hispanic/latino population has one or more mutations of the FADS gene, which impacts the ability to turn oils and fats into heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory omega-3's? If confirmed through genetic testing, this high risk of deficiency could be mitigated early in life by increased fatty fish consumption and/or supplemental of fish oil.

A second study from Nutrients found the FTO gene has an exceptionally strong influence on the potential for obesity because of its effect on appetite, hunger, and fat oxidation. Researchers suggest that all children should be screened for this gene as it is highly modifiable with specific diet and lifestyle protocols.

Both FADS and FTO genes are included in our Pure Genomics genetic screening.


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Addressing Chronic Pain

Steve: Last week we discussed the urgency of preventing chronic disease. A study from Frontiers in Nutrition is a great first step for prevention as well as treatment. Moreover, the researchers of the study confirm the validity of one of our most successful self-help Action Plans called "Pain Relief Diet".

The study found a strong correlation between increased anti-inflammatory food intake and improved physical characteristics, stress, and pain in the patients assessed. Moreover, decreased consumption of pro-inflammatory foods was positively correlated with less pain, sleep satisfaction, and quality-of-life.

Pro-inflammatory foods such as gluten products, cow’s milk, red meat, alcohol, sugar, salicylates, and processed foods were removed. While anti-inflammatory foods such as omega-3-rich fish, EVOO, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein were promoted.

Thus, for those suffering from chronic pain, if you have not already tried to adhere to an eating style such as our "Pain Relief Diet Action Plan", we suggest you try it or come in to see us for individualized care.


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