Prevent and Fight: Coronavirus Special Issue

From eNewsletter 3/25/2020

DID YOU KNOW that an association between sleep quality and macronutrient intake has rarely been reported?

In a study from the January issue of Nutrients, researchers found that good sleepers had a higher energy distribution from dietary protein than poor sleepers. The results suggest that consuming a greater proportion of dietary protein may be of benefit for improving sleep quality in healthy adults.

WE ARE OPEN The Department of Homeland Security has deemed our business essential, so we will be open. Our obligation is to serve your wellness needs so you can thrive through these difficult times. 

Appointments If you want to consult with us remotely, no problem. We will be in the office as well. Supplements As long as the post office, FedEx, and UPS are still running, and our suppliers have supply, you will be able to order your products to ship or for pickup. If you pickup your supplements, we are happy to bring them to your car or leave them outside the door for social distancing upon request.


Steve & Bonnie: If you have been following our SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 (coronavirus) updates since January 22nd, then your preventive arsenal should be well stocked.

There is so much information to synthesize. What's fake news? What's real news? Now that there is enough data to synthesize, and you have more time on your hands to read, we have fleshed out our recommendations.  Apart from behavioral measures designed to reduce transmission, which we do not have to focus on as these have been well described by the CDC, understand that the primary interface between us and the new coronavirus is our immune system. There are several areas where coronaviruses take the battle to your immune system.

  1. The coronavirus' initial entry is in the throat and nasopharynx area. Arming your immune system with every weapon possible to attack the virus in the throat is where the battle should be won.

  2. If the coronavirus gets to the lungs, there are still numerous weapons your immune system has to fight it there. However, it will be a longer slog.