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Ubiquitous Toxin Concern

From eNewsletter 1/22/2025

DID YOU KNOW that a study from JAMA Internal Medicine found a way to prevent Alzheimer's by up to 145% with the help of health and wellness counselors?

According to the lead author, "Our hypothesis was that a personalized approach, in which people’s individual risk factors are assessed, not one size for all, and the person can choose their goals and ways to improve their risk factor, e.g. nutrition, sleep, physical activity, social engagement, that we would be able to reduce risk and this would translate to better cognition. No one has tried this approach before and we found that we could improve risk factors and cognition even though this occurred during COVID".

We disagree with one part of that quote. There are those who have been taking this approach for years, such as ourselves. And we have always said we are not "one-size-fits-all".

After two years, researchers found participants who received personalized counseling experienced a 74% improvement in cognitive testing over the nonpersonalized group. Additionally, the personalized counseling group also had a 145% improvement in risk factors and an 8% improvement in quality of life compared to the nonpersonalized group.

Note: Steve is a Health and Wellness Counselor, the type of practitioner used in the study.

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