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UPDATE: COVID-19 Vaccine

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

From eNewsletter 12/23/2020

DID YOU KNOW that a huge study in JAMA Neurology linked stress-related disorders with neurological disorders, specifically Alzheimer's disease? As if you needed another reason to do so, PLEASE deep breathe, visualize, meditate, practice yoga, Qi gong, Tai chi, or whatever technique helps you to lower stress.


We have information about the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, which has since been approved for emergency use. Read about this and more at our update here.

COVID-19 Condition Monograph Update Steve just updated for the third time the most recent data for treating COVID-19 conventionally and through integrative means. The 253 reference monograph is free at this COVID-19 Condition Monograph link. HOLIDAY OFFICE HOURS Thursday, December 24th 9AM-2PM Friday, December 25th CLOSED Saturday, December 26th 9AM-4PM COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Continue with extra immune support until summer of 2021. SARS-CoV-2 is not going away anytime soon. Moreover, SARS-CoV-2 is not the only virus we fight. There are influenza (flu), norovirus (stomach flu), adenovirus (common cold), and four other coronaviruses (common cold), among others. Prevent and Fight Coronavirus 2.0 is our must-read protocol. HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS Many of you have already done this, but a COVID prevention/care package for family, friends, and coworkers is a great holiday gift idea. Whether just four or five essential nutrients, or the whole "kit and kaboodle," we couldn't think of a more wonderful gift to help keep your loved ones optimally healthy.

United State Postal Service Delays With the pandemic, holidays, and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, please expect between a 2-8 business day delay in receiving your shipments for the foreseeable future. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is occurring with almost every distribution carrier at this time. LOYALTY REWARDS RESET ON DECEMBER 31, 2020 Don't wait until 2021 or it will be too late. If you are close to your next loyalty reward, order before December 31st at 11:59PM. We will automatically check your loyalty rewards and apply the discount(s) if they qualify.


Steve and Bonnie: The latest research you need to be aware of!

Vitamin D3 Deficiency Quadrupled Mortality Vitamin D deficiency on admission to hospital was associated with a 3.7-fold increase in the odds of dying from COVID-19, according to an observational study looking back at data from the first wave of the pandemic. Nearly 60% of patients with COVID-19 were vitamin D deficient upon hospitalization, with men in the advanced stages of COVID-19 pneumonia showing the greatest deficit. Importantly, the results were independent of comorbidities known to be affected by vitamin D deficiency, according to the study in American Journal of Clinical Pathology. Why COVID-19 is Less Severe in Children Authors of a study in American Journal of Physiology-Lung, Cellular, and Molecular Physiology state children's lungs don't make a lot of the protein ACE2. This protein, which appears in much higher amounts in adult lungs, is exploited by the SARS-CoV-2 virus to infect cells. Less ACE2 means less cells with viruses inside. Children also have more T-cells in their lungs - the cells that fight viruses. These cells come with IL-10 proteins, which makes sure inflammation doesn't get out of control and damage other cells. However, not all children's response to COVID-19 is less severe. In a study from Blood Advances, children at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 are being diagnosed with thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA). TMA leads to clots in small blood vessels and has been linked to severe COVID symptoms among adult patients. More on COVID-19 Reinfection According to a study published last week in Biorxiv, it seems likely that immune evasion may occur regardless of whether the spike protein was encountered in the form of infectious virus, or as the immunogen in a vaccine. Therefore, it also likely that reinfection with a mutated strain of SARS-CoV-2 may occur among people who recover from Covid-19, and that vaccines with the ability to generate antibodies against multiple variant forms of the spike protein will be necessary to protect against mutated forms of SARS-CoV-2 that are already circulating in the human population. This finding goes against what many experts are saying, which is the current vaccine will be able to handle mutated SARS-CoV-2 strains. Stay tuned! Is COVID an Autoimmune Disease? A lot of people infected by the coronavirus develop myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart that can cause lasting damage and death. Even among people who have mild Covid-19 or who are asymptomatic, experts have found evidence of heart inflammation. A study in JAMA Cardiology found that 60% of coronavirus patients had active myocarditis two months after their initial infection. This is considered an autoimmune condition. Remarkably, the study found that this inflammation was as common among people who recovered at home as it was among those who required hospitalization. Myocarditis can often go undetected; its symptoms can be subtle and include shortness of breath, chest pain, and a fluttering heart. FDA-Approved At-Home COVID-19 Tests

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And while not yet FDA-approved, take a look at what University of Illinois engineers are up to! Long COVID Symptoms According to the Mayo Clinic, patients with long haul COVID-19 may take over a year to recover. According to a study from Medrxiv, it may be warranted to use pulmonary rehabilitation, especially if the diaphragm muscle structure and function has been affected. For Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)-like symptoms, magnesium glycinate and Alka Support is critical to take on a daily basis. Look at food intolerance may be beneficial. It is possible that food intolerances become more acute when one's immune system has been compromised. Of course, we also recommend an individualized multivitamin with the right B-vitamins and a good amount of zinc. Much more on this to come over the next few months.


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