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Bone-Degrading Drug

From eNewsletter 3/6/2024

DID YOU KNOW that counterfeiting of high quality dietary supplements has become so rampant that one of the manufacturers we dispense, Now, are putting the product color of each supplement on their website?

They are doing this because adulterers take the real product out of the bottles and replace it with wood pulp or other cheap fillers.

Now's official statement. "As counterfeit products are becoming more of a problem for our brand and industry as a whole, we’ve added a “Product Color” to every product page. This information can help consumers who might question if their NOW product is legitimate, confirming that the NOW pill/powder/liquid/etc… they have in hand is what’s listed on our website. These color values were pulled directly from each item’s specification sheet. The specification sheet includes a test for color that has been approved by NOW’s QA/QC teams and must be met before a product mix is used to create the finished good. When a product color is available, that information will be displayed as the first information in the “Description” area:"

We've warned for years that purchasing from authorized resellers like ourselves is the one fail-safe to assure that what you are purchasing is what you're getting.

To read about the bone-degrading drug and more, please go to this page.


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