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COVID's Impact Grows | Sale!

From eNewsletter 1/29/2024

DID YOU KNOW that while it's been established that secondhand smoke is a detriment to health and linked to cancer, a study in the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology suggest thirdhand smoke, which is the presence of toxic tobacco by-products that remain on surfaces such as furniture, décor, walls and floors, may also be carcinogenic?

Researchers found nicotine on surfaces in all of the children's homes where study subjects smoked, and detected the presence of a tobacco-specific carcinogen (called NNK) in nearly half of the homes. NNK levels on surfaces and vacuumed dust were similar, which indicates that surfaces and dust can be similar reservoirs and sources of thirdhand smoke exposure for children.

For more about our double sale and the growing impact of COVID-19, go to this page.

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