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GI Docs: What to Expect

From eNewsletter 12/4/2023

DID YOU KNOW that on the heels of a recent study showing that total magnesium intake slows down brain aging, a new study from Nutrition Journal found that participants with the highest intake of total magnesium had a 40% reduction in stroke risk and from all-cause mortality risk compared to those with the lowest total magnesium intake?

Welcome Ileana!

We are thrilled to welcome Ileana Robson to the Nutritional Concepts team. Introduce yourself if you see her and please be patient as she gets up to speed.

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Did You Know?

What to Expect From Your GI Doc

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What to Expect From Your GI Doc

Steve: The majority of digestive disorders are linked, if not exclusively, to your eating habits. Yet, we are reminded weekly how bafflingly little gastroenterologists can do to improve your eating habits.

I think it is critical that you read these excerpts verbatim from the abstract of a study just published in Gastroenterology.

"Nutrition in Gastroenterology Practice: An Important, but Often Overlooked Concept."

"Diet and nutrition are central to overall and digestive health with both malnutrition and obesity having significant implications on clinical outcomes at the individual and population levels. Despite the strong link between diet, nutrition, and socioeconomic status, and the importance of this relationship in clinical care, few physicians receive dedicated nutrition and obesity education during training. Although guidelines regarding physician nutrition education were initially published in 1985, coursework is often scant and physicians across disciplines note lack of formal instruction. Similarly, gastroenterology fellows report limited exposure to nutrition topics leading to knowledge deficit on assessment."

Unfortunately, it is almost 2024 and you still cannot count on most gastroenterologists to help you with your eating habits. You can count on us, however :)

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