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Is the Keto Diet Right for Me? | Flu or Stomach Flu?

From eNewsletter 2/25/2019

DID YOU KNOW that public health experts say it has been a relatively mild flu season so far? I guess it depends on which flu you're referring to. Influenza or "flu", the infection most associated with pneumonia, has been mild.

However, viral gastroenteritis or "stomach flu", has been particularly virulent. To get an idea of how the symptoms differ, refer to the image above. We have individualized protocols for both.


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IS THE KETO DIET RIGHT FOR ME? Steve and Bonnie: To put it bluntly, ketogenic or "keto" diet is not right for you.

The ketogenic eating style has been around for decades because of its success for epilepsy. It has also been mildly successful for insulin-dependent diabetics whose blood sugar is out of control. If you do not fall into these two camps, you may want to pass on this "diet du jour". Here are two reasons.

Brain Drain. The keto diet requires that you consume less than 30 grams of carbohydrates daily. The average amount of glucose your brain needs to function daily is 150 grams. This is just to function. This does not include exercise, or the undo stress the modern daily lifestyle puts on our brain's energy needs.

Proponents of the keto diet say that the extra fat consumed turns into enough usable energy. We disagree. For many reasons, especially genetic, transferring fat into usable glucose is not smooth at all. Are you willing to take the chance of not giving your brain the optimal nourishment to function?

Ketones. Very low carbohydrate diets induces a state of ketosis, where the body uses ketones for energy. Ketosis is a natural adaptation to starvation. Aside from the stress it puts on your liver and kidneys, the keto diet elevates LDL cholesterol levels, contributes to irregular heart rhythms, increased inflammation, low energy and mood.

If we were still living as hunter and gatherers, we would have no choice than to be in perpetual starvation mode. However, we now have better ways to control body mass without stressing our organs.

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