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Issues with Stevia?

From eNewsletter 3/13/3023

DID YOU KNOW that probiotics can help you get through bowel prep before and after a colonoscopy?

A study from Nutrients found that taking probiotics for one month before bowel preparation was identified as a significant factor for decreasing the duration of minor complications.

The number of beneficial gut microbiota after bowel preparation in the probiotic group was much higher than in the placebo group. Moreover, on the seventh day after colonoscopy, the gut microbiota in the active group was restored to almost the same level as before bowel preparation, whereas the placebo group was not.


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Issues with Stevia?

Steve: There was a recent study that did not put the artificial sweetener erythritol in a positive light. Unfortunately, the media dragged down the safe, natural, non-nutritive sweetener stevia with it because erythritol is often blended with stevia.

The conclusion of a study from Nature Medicine published February 27th read: "Our findings reveal that erythritol is both associated with incident major adverse cardiovascular events risk and fosters enhanced thrombosis."

We hate to say we told you so, but read our piece on erythritol when it was launched in 2008:

July 9, 2008 NCI Well Connect eNewsletter

"Cargill is Going to Ruin Stevia.

As we said two years ago when we heard grumblings that Cargill and Pepsi were teaming up to bring stevia to the mass market, we were happy, yet skeptical. While it is wonderful that the FDA will soon approve stevia as a food (not just a dietary supplement) because of Cargill's product, Truvia, it is also a big bummer. Our hopes that the product would be pure stevia were dashed when Cargill's website showed that erythritol, a corn-based alternative sweetener, was also included as an ingredient. Once again, Big Food disappoints. But of course. Cargill needed to add the erythritol to the product so it could not be reproduced by competition. Erythritol is a patented Cargill sweetener. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this sweetener because of corn-sensitivities and potential gastrointestinal disturbances. Luckily, the Sweet Leaf's of the world are still around. I hope they are not gobbled up or destroyed by the Cargill machine."

Little did we know about the potential for cardiovascular events as well.

Unfortunately, even healthier food brands bought into Cargill's erythritol safety claim, so many blended it with stevia to alleviate some of the bitter taste that turns some off to stevia.

For the many of you that still read our newsletter, you can attest to the fact that we have never deviated from our stance that the only safe stevia is one that contains stevia and nothing else.

As we hoped, Sweet Leaf brand has not been gobbled up or destroyed by the Cargill machine, which is why we have steadfastly recommended Sweet Leaf Organic Stevia all these years.

If you do not use Sweet Leaf, please look at your stevia product to make sure it does not contain erythritol or any other artificial sweetener.


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