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Sobering Reminder About Soy

From eNewsletter 2/12/2020

DID YOU KNOW that quercetin has been shown to combat inflammation, acts as a natural antihistamine, and has the ability to fight both the common cold and influenza?

Another less known benefit and use for quercetin includes the prevention and/or treatment of high blood pressure, according to a new study in Nutrition Reviews.

Finally, quercetin has been shown to trigger tumor regression by interacting with your DNA and activating the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis (healthy programmed cell death of damaged cells).


Steve & Bonnie: Let this be a reminder to those who are considering a switch to "plant-based" eating styles. It is near impossible to get enough protein without eating soy.

We have warned clients for years that conventional soy in any form is not recommended, as it is the most heavily sprayed crop on earth, which enhances its estrogenic effect. Heavily processed soy products are awful because they are usually loaded with salt or sugar. We also recommend against consuming foods with soybean oil as much as possible.

If you eat soy foods, they need to be organic, consumed in moderation, in their least processed form (i.e. edamame), or better yet, fermented (tofu, miso, tempeh, natto). Of course, these are usually the least desirable soy foods because of their bland taste. Yet, they are the most healthful.

The only positive research to be published about soy over the years has been on fermented soy. A new study in the January issue of British Medical Journal echoes this.

In a huge Japanese study which tracked subjects' all cause mortality over 15 years, higher intake of fermented soy was associated with a lower risk of mortality. Intake of non-fermented soy products was not.

Keep this in mind if you or a loved one consider going plant-based. At the very least, read labels and be amazed by the amount of soy that is in everything.


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