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3 Life Tenets to Aspire to

From eNewsletter 7/27/2022

DID YOU KNOW that Tai Chi may be as effective for weight control as conventional exercise? A recent study in Annals of Internal Medicine followed three groups of obese adults that were 50 years or older for 12 weeks. One group performed a combination of conventional exercise (aerobics and weights), while the second group just performed Tai Chi. The third (control) group did not exercise. Both the exercise and Tai Chi groups showed reductions in body weight and improved HDL cholesterol levels compared to the no exercise group after 12 weeks. The favorable changes in weight control and body weight were maintained in both groups, whereas the beneficial HDL effect was only maintained in the Tai Chi group at week 38. This is a major finding for those who require low impact exercise such as Tai Chi!


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Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie Minsky

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3 Life Tenets to Aspire to

Steve: It is so important to understand that your lifestyle choices do not just affect you. They may affect future generations.

#1 - Choices in This Life Makes a Difference Generations Later The great-granddaughters of men who smoked cigarettes when they were pre-pubescent boys are more likely to carry excess fat on their bodies as young women several decades later, a Scientific Reports study has found. The discovery, which is one of the first human demonstrations of transgenerational effects of an environmental exposure across four generations, suggests the lifestyle habits you choose have an affect within families for generations. Thus... #2 - Take Care of Yourself, Especially When You're Young Adolescent smoking, obesity, and psychological disorder diagnoses were associated with older biological age at midlife. Preventing or treating these conditions during adolescence should be addressed to reduce the risk of accelerated biological aging later in life, according to a sweeping study from JAMA Pediatrics. #3 - Telomeres The length of our telomeres, which cap our chromosomes, tell us a lot of about how we will age, according to a study from Psychoneuroendocrinology. One of the first studies to examine telomere length in childhood finds that a mother's health prior to, and during pregnancy, as well as in the early years of childhood, may determine one's telomere length throughout childhood and potentially even into adulthood or older age. There are many positive lifestyle habits that can protect telomere length.

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