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Adult-Onset Allergy | CVD Numbers Deceiving

From eNewsletter 2/13/2019

DID YOU KNOW that, in addition to being a coffee alternative for those with reflux or salicylate intolerance, a study in this month's Nutrition Journal lauded Yerba Mate tea for increasing levels of PON-1, which is protective against oxidized LDL cholesterol, thus lowering atherosclerosis risk? PON is one of the newest genes in our Pure Genomics screening.

Yerba Mate was also successful in raising leptin levels, which increases satiety (feeling of fullness).


Bonnie & Steve: A new allergy study from JAMA Network Open prompted many of our clients to alert us. We love that you are paying attention!

The study investigated the huge spike in adult-onset allergies. It was very well done but offered little explanation for why it is occurring.

We think the main reasons, based upon our evaluation of current research, are as follows:

  • Climate change is causing plants to pollinate more and for longer periods, thus creating a much higher concentration of pollen. When plants' survival is threatened, producing more pollen gives the next generation a better chance for survival. Unfortunately for us, this creates even stronger reactions to outdoor allergens, especially those that cross react with foods, such as mold, grass, tree, and ragweed. Those who never had allergies, but may have a genetic predisposition, are suffering now because of the sheer amount of pollen overwhelming immune systems.

  • It is too easy now to eat the same foods daily instead of seasonally, especially plant-based food. Consistent consumption of corn for example, which used to be only a late summer food, is ubiquitous year-round. Corn is a grass pollen cross-reactor.

  • Excessive genetic engineering presents new allergenic proteins that our immune systems are not used to and often react to poorly.

  • Chemical and pesticide-laden food weakens our immune systems.

Let's not forget that there has also been a major uptick in food intolerance. While a different reaction than allergy, the rise of food intolerance is the result of many of the aforementioned reasons.

Our Conquering Allergy & Intolerance Action Plan is the most complete self-help guide you'll find anywhere. However, nothing can replace individualized consulting complete with allergy tests, intolerance tests, genetic screening, and regular bloodwork.

HEART DISEASE NUMBERS DECEIVING Steve: Nearly half of all adults in the United States have some type of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association's Heart and Stroke Statistics -- 2019 Update, published in Circulation. These statistics are VERY deceiving...This article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members. You can get this article by signing up here.

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