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From eNewsletter 3/27/2023

DID YOU KNOW that de-cluttering your house can make your brain feel clearer, reduce your stress, and possibly give you more energy? Listen to this testimonial from a client who wanted others to know about it:

"I found an amazing woman who owns the clutter company. She is gentle and non-judgmental and understands that people are so attached to things. I’ve spent the last couple of months decluttering my house, getting rid of old files, reorganizing all closets and cabinets, moving things around, throwing things out, fixing things, and so everything I use daily is in reach. Thinking about it for years has sucked my energy and kept me from moving forward. Since the change I have more energy and my brain feels clearer. There’s more but emotionally l can’t explain it yet."


Services Update

Double Sale Week!

Starting today and going through March 31st, please take advantage of our 20% Off sale items for April and March. See our website for details.

Steve Minsky MS, HWC

As a Health and Wellness Counselor, Steve analyzes and offer solutions to optimize not only the food you eat, but every aspect of your lifestyle, whether for prevention or healing. More info on Steve's services.

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Pet Wellness

Our dietary supplement line for dogs and cats, ThorneVet, has an impeccable reputation among veterinarians. To order from our wellness shop, please visit here (for prices, enter the Guest Area password: discount2018).

Carolyn Martinelli a.k.a. "Coach Care" will be available to answer your questions about ThorneVet pet supplements at Please leave detailed contact information as well as the name, age, sex, breed, and/or health issue(s) and med(s) of your pet so Carolyn can respond accordingly.