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From eNewsletter 12/26/2018

DID YOU KNOW that a weekly full-body massage may be an effective way to help patients with knee osteoarthritis manage pain, according to data from a from the December issue of Journal of General Internal Medicine?

Researchers assessed initial and long-term effects of an 8-week course of weekly 60-minute massage and the efficacy of subsequent biweekly maintenance massage. After 8 weeks, patients in the massage group showed significant improvements in pain score compared with a light-touch group.

While the underlying mechanisms of massage-mediated improvements in osteoarthritis are not well-defined, the authors suggest that massage may improve systemic immune and inflammatory profiles in healthy individuals.

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Bonnie & Steve: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in this month's issue of Nutrients followed a group of healthy subjects aged 30-65 taking a high-dose B-complex vitamin supplement for six months.

The researchers understood that a diet rich in B-vitamins is essential for optimal body and brain function, and insufficient amounts of such vitamins have been associated with higher levels of neural inflammation and oxidative stress, as marked by increased blood plasma homocysteine. No study had looked at the relationship between neural and blood markers of homocysteine together. Results confirmed the B-Complex supplement was effective in increasing vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 levels and reducing homocysteine, whereas there was no change in folate levels. These data provide evidence for the efficacy of high-dose B-group supplementation in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation through increasing oxidative metabolism. It may also promote myelination of nerve fibers (especially important for those with autoimmune disorders), cellular metabolism, and energy storage. Our Pure Genomics screening can tell you which B-vitamin sources are best for you for absorption, as well as ascertain if you have a genetic propensity for high homocysteine.


Bonnie: Serve with crackers, chips, or veggies...

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