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Best Dietary Fat of Choice

From eNewsletter 5/1/2023

DID YOU KNOW that if you build a domicile or move into a domicile, make sure your water pipes are copper and not PVC?

A report from a coalition of U.S. environmental advocacy groups has warned of the health risks of PVC plastic and urged public officials against using the material in community drinking water pipes.

PVC is made with vinyl chloride, the same hazardous material released in the fiery train derailment that triggered a public health and environmental crisis in East Palestine, Ohio. It's also a known carcinogen and endocrine disruptor.

One caveat with copper water pipes is to get enough dietary zinc. Copper and zinc keep each other in balance. We find that as a general rule, you should get some supplemental zinc in a multi or separate supplement to compensate for the residual copper coming from your pipes.


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Why EVOO Should Be Your Main Fat

Steve: As if you needed more evidence for why extra virgin olive oil should be your main fat source, study subjects with obesity and prediabetes randomly assigned to consume extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) that is rich in oleocanthal and oleacein polyphenols as their dietary oil exclusively showed a systemic, potent antioxidant effect when compared with others consuming common olive oil (OO) that largely lacks these polyphenols.

Why This Matters

The findings suggest that especially for people with obesity and prediabetes who are at risk for developing diabetes and related comorbidities, a diet in which dietary fat is primarily in the form of EVOO with a high content of oleocanthal and oleacein, may promote weight loss, improve glucose homeostasis, and improve inflammatory and oxidative status.

Switching dietary fat intake from common processed OO to EVOO rich in oleocanthal and oleacein improved markers of oxidative stress and inflammation. Study participants had a significantly greater decrease in the inflammatory cytokine interferon-gamma compared with when they used OO. EVOO use also significantly linked with greater increases in total antioxidants and greater decreases in bad cholesterol compared with the period of OO use. Weight decreased by a significant average 0.92 kg in the EVOO group.


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