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Brain Health Special Issue

From eNewsletter 5/8/2023

DID YOU KNOW that for years we have used cranberry as a preventive strategy for urinary tract infections (UTIs) while the medical world has been slow to adapt?

A global study from Cochrane Reviews examining the benefits of cranberry products has determined cranberry juice and supplements reduce the risk of repeat symptomatic UTIs in women by more than a quarter, in children by more than half, and in people susceptible to UTI following medical interventions by about 53%.

This is shocking given the fact that Cochrane rarely publishes positive conclusions.

We almost always recommend cranberry supplements over juice because it is less acidic and has less of an effect on blood sugar. Moreover, we have found that cranberry when accompanied with D-mannose is even more effective.

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Services Update

My Grandma Rocks!!

Our client Dr. Penny Silvers wrote a children's book that warrants our attention.

The impetus for Penny to write "My Grandma Rocks!!" came from the archaic characterization of grandmothers in children's books as frail and inactive. She wanted to change the narrative because grandmothers like Penny and our own Bonnie Minsky are active career women, yet still find time for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

You can find the book at Penny's website or amazon. Congrats Penny!

Steve Minsky MS, HWC

As a Health and Wellness Counselor, Steve analyzes and offer solutions to optimize not only the food you eat, but every aspect of your lifestyle, whether for prevention or healing. More info on Steve's services.

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Pet Wellness

Our dietary supplement line for dogs and cats, ThorneVet, has an impeccable reputation among veterinarians. To order from our wellness shop, please visit here (for prices, enter the Guest Area password: discount2018).

Carolyn Martinelli a.k.a. "Coach Care" will be available to answer your questions about ThorneVet pet supplements at Please leave detailed contact information as well as the name, age, sex, breed, and/or health issue(s) and med(s) of your pet so Carolyn can respond accordingly.

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Infection Section


COVID-19 is endemic, meaning it is here to stay. Moreover, we are exposed to many other endemic viruses including influenza (flu), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), norovirus (stomach flu), adenovirus (common cold), monkeypox, and four other coronaviruses (common cold), among others. Support your immune system year-round with our Free Prevent and Fight Viruses 2.0 Protocol here.

Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie Minsky

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  • Brand Buzz: Nicotinamide Riboside Supplement

  • Intelligently Active: Working Muscles and Your Brain

  • Mental Minute: Have the Brain of a College Student Late in Life

  • Wild Card: Music Therapy & Cognitive Function

  • eInspire: Mary Wollstonecraft

  • Action Plan of the Month: Pain Relief Diet

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Cognitive Supplementation

Steve: Here are two recent, exciting studies lauding the benefits of optimal dietary supplementation for cognition.

Findings of a large population study in Nutrients confirmed a lower prevalence of cognitive impairment in those 50 and older who took B-vitamins, vitamin D, and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) daily.

In a study from Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring, researchers explored the relationship between vitamin D supplementation and dementia in more than 12,388 participants of the US National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center, who had an average age of 71 and were dementia-free when they signed up. Of the group, 37 percent took vitamin D supplements. The team found that taking vitamin D was associated with living dementia-free for longer, and they also found 40 percent fewer dementia diagnoses in the group who took supplements.


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