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Choose Personal Care Products Wisely

From eNewsletter 2/6/2019

DID YOU KNOW that in addition to being a coffee alternative for those with reflux and/or salicylate intolerance, a study in this month's Nutrition Journal lauded Yerba Mate tea for increasing levels of PON-1, which is protective against oxidized LDL cholesterol, thus lowering atherosclerosis risk?

PON is one of the newest genes we screen for in Pure Genomics genetic screenings.

In addition, Yerba Mate was successful in raising leptin levels, which increases satiety (feeling of fullness).

While we have known about Yerba Mate for a while, we can never get enough positive research!


Bonnie & Steve: In a new study from Human Reproduction, researchers asked the question: Are in-utero or peripubertal exposures to phthalates, parabens and other phenols found in personal care products associated with timing of pubertal onset in boys and girls?

These chemical ingredients are ubiquitous in personal products for children, so along with myriad other environmental pressures that bring about early puberty, it is essential for the public to get answers.

At pregnancy and starting at age nine, researchers tracked levels of phthalates, parabens and other phenols every nine months until the children hit puberty.

Researchers observed earlier onset of pubic hair development, breast development, and earlier menarche in girls with higher prenatal and peripubertal concentrations of most of the chemicals tested.

In boys, there were no associations with prenatal urinary biomarker concentrations and one association with peripubertal concentrations: earlier genital development with propyl paraben.

In another recent study from Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, researchers assessed whether exposure to four commonly used parabens was associated asthma diagnosis among U.S. children 6 to 19 years. Compared to children without current asthma, those who had current asthma had higher average concentrations for both methyl and propyl parabens. Average concentrations for these parabens were generally higher for girls compared to boys.

Being vigilant with personal care products is not just about kids. Adults must to be cognizant of personal care products, especially if you have one or more health issues. Your skin absorbs many substances as well as your gut does. Unfortunately, the structure of many of these chemicals are such that they are easily absorbed through our skin, and wreak havoc once able to run amok.

One resource we love to help you learn more about these ingredients, as well as learn about safe personal care products, is the Environmental Working Group and the Cosmetic Ingredient Guide.

Our Toxic-Free Home Action Plan, while not focused on personal care, is also a good resource to reduce your environmental toxic load.


Steve: Like we needed another reason to get optimal sleep? A single gene may explain one of biology's most enduring mysteries....This article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members. You can get this article by signing up here.

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