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Diet Relates to Pain | Vites for Cataracts

From eNewsletter January 30, 2019

DID YOU KNOW that new research appearing in this month's Current Opinion in Ophthalmology suggests nutrition rich in fruits and vegetables, and high supplemental intake of vitamins A, C, D, and E may be associated with lower risk of age-related cataract?


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Bonnie & Steve: Clinicians are eager to learn about diet as a way of managing pain, new research shows. Researchers surveyed clinicians who had enrolled in a diet and pain management course that was offered at Academy of Integrative Pain Management Global Pain Summit.

The results showed that those who took the inaugural course found that it significantly improved their level of confidence in offering nutritional advice to patients.

According to the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, who led the survey, "Nutritional pain management is something that any clinician, at any stage, can do".

The recent focus on using nonpharmacological pain options because of the opioid epidemic has piqued the interest of even the most conventional of clinicians. While not everyone has access to acupuncture or massage, even though many of these services are now covered by insurance, everyone does have access to food. The problem is lack of knowledge for what to recommend. 

One surprising discovery was that even dietitians knew little about using diet for treating pain.

Most clinicians had received minimal or no education on the role of diet/supplements in their professional training. This lack of education means clinicians are not discussing the importance of nutrition with their patients. Many said they would welcome more information on supplement recommendations.

If you are interested in self-help learning to discern what foods may be causing pain for your or someone you know, our Pain Relief Diet Action Plan has been our go-to for years. Of course, nothing can replace an individualized consultation, but it is the next best thing.


Steve: Here's the latest research from all areas of pain management, including the mind, body, CBD Oil, supplements, medications, and medical technologies....This article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members. You can get this article by signing up here.

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