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Eating Air | Fasts for Women

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

From eNewsletter 12/9/2019

DID YOU KNOW that one of a new wave of startups producing proteins via microbes rather than plants or animals is gearing up to commercialize consumer products featuring a non GMO whole food ingredient that is efficient, sustainable, and nutritious?

Air Protein is one of a handful of companies converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into proteins. It utilizes single-cell organisms, which can convert core elements from the air, notably carbon dioxide (coupled with water, nitrogen, and oxygen), into complete protein, producing large quantities of biomass in the dark, in any season, in any geography, containing 80% protein with all the essential amino acids.


Bonnie and Steve: In late August, we published a review study on a fasting style called Time-Restricted Feeding (TRF).

Our conclusion at the time was that TRF was only shown to be effective for men. We are happy to announce that a study in this month's Nutrients showed TRF to be successful in a cohort of women.

Abdominally obese female participants with an average age of 49 were asked to restrict their daily eating time to 8-9 hours in order to prolong their overnight fasting period to 15-16 hours. After three months of TRF, waist circumference was reduced on average by five percent. While a small study and much more research still needs to be done, it is a positive step.

In the journal Appetite, dietary restraint and self-efficacy increased in a caloric restriction group compared to a control group with no restrictions. In the caloric restriction group, males showed a reduction in cravings for carbohydrates and fats at month 24, whereas females did not.

Intermittent Fasting styles that we think are okay:

-Time-restricted feeding - Meals ideally consumed within 6-8 hour eating window each day, allowing at least 16 hours fasting

-5:2 protocol - Restricted caloric intake (500-600 kcal) 2 consecutive or nonconsecutive days per week with generally unrestricted intake on the other 5 days of that week

-Fast mimicking diet - Commercial diet consisting of reduced caloric meal plan for 3 cycles of 5 days per month

Fasting styles we DO NOT think are okay:

-Alternate day fasting - Fast (no caloric intake) every other day and consume a habitual diet on nonfasting days

-Modified ADF - Very limited caloric intake (500-600 kcal) on fasting days and habitual intake on feeding days

-Prolonged fasting - No caloric intake (food or drinks) for more than 72 hours

-Short-term fasting - No caloric intake (food or drinks) for less than 72 hours

Of course, we never recommend trying any of these fasting styles without first discussing it extensively with your health professional team.


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