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Food Isn't Enough

From eNewsletter 12/28/2022

DID YOU KNOW that a study from British Journal of Nutrition states that magnesium supplementation has a significantly positive effect on glycemic control in type 2 diabetics? The magnesium source matters. We have always suggested a glycinate source for daily use because it is easy on the bowel and best absorbed. Glycine, the amino acid that magnesium is bound to for this source, turns into the calming brain neurotransmitter GABA. Consequently, we only recommend the oxide source for those who have motility dysfunction confirmed by a health professional. Client Feedback A client sent us an unsolicited message regarding our Pain Stick: "I bought one of these years ago from you and it is expensive but I have to say that it absolutely does work. And I have bought many of them since then. I was so glad to see that you had a pain product that you could recommend because when you Google, you have no idea with all of the choices whether any of them will work. When I have pulled a muscle in my back as often happens when I am trying to get out of bed and into my wheelchair or out of the wheelchair and onto the toilet, I put this on the area and it immediately takes the pain away. And it lasts a long time and is easy to use. I highly recommend it." Holiday Office Hours December 28-30 9AM-5PM December 31 9AM-2PM January 1 CLOSED January 2 OPEN


Services Update

Year-End Sale! 4 days left to take advantage of December and January sale items until 11:59PM December 31st. See website for details.

Loyalty Rewards Reset in 2023 4 days left to use your accrued loyalty rewards for 2022. We keep track with every supplement order you place, including those for pets. Pet Wellness We now have a dietary supplement line for dogs and cats! ThorneVet has an impeccable reputation among veterinarians. To order from our wellness shop, please visit here (for prices, enter the Guest Area password: discount2018). Carolyn Martinelli a.k.a. "Coach Care" will be available to answer your questions about ThorneVet pet supplements at Please leave detailed contact information as well as the name, age, sex, breed, and/or health issue(s) and med(s) of your pet so Carolyn can respond accordingly.

Steve Minsky MS, HWC The clinician of the future is here now. As a Health and Wellness Counselor, he will analyze and offer solutions to optimize not only the food you eat, but every aspect of your lifestyle, whether for prevention or healing. More information on Steve's services.

Online Gift Cards Giving the gift of wellness has never been easier. Order your gift cards here. Text Us If It Is Convenient We accept text messages. Type (847) 498-3422 and text away!

US Postal Service Holiday Shipping Rate Increase For the second consecutive year, the US Postal Service will be temporarily raising their shipping rates from October 2 until January 22, 2023. For the second consecutive year, we will NOT be temporarily increasing your holiday shipping rates. They will be staying at the current pricing :)

Infection Support

Prevention ur During Infection COVID-19 is endemic, meaning it is here to stay. Moreover, we are exposed to many other endemic viruses including influenza (flu), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), norovirus (stomach flu), adenovirus (common cold), monkeypox, and four other coronaviruses (common cold), among others. Support your immune system year-round with our Free Prevent and Fight Viruses 2.0 Protocol here.

Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie Minsky

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Food Isn't Enough - Supplement Update

Steve: For the majority of human beings in today's society, it is not realistic to think we can get all of our nutrients from food alone. Dietary supplements should never be mistaken as a replacement or excuse for healthy eating. Instead, dietary supplements are a critical tool to augment what modern societies either do not offer, or drain us of. To achieve not just quantity of life, but quality, dietary supplements are the lynchpin. Don't take my word for it. The Lancet, one of the most prestigious journals in the world, just published a study stating that two groups who need nutrients the most, preschool-age children and women of reproductive age, have the most micronutrient deficiencies. Do dietary supplements need to be of the finest quality, incredibly safe, and highly efficacious? Of course. Should dietary supplements be recommended by a knowledgable health professional? Most definitely. But never let anyone tell you they are not critical to living your best life. The Council for Responsible Nutrition provides evidence that if the entire American population took targeted dietary supplements between 2022-2030:

  • Between 731,000 - 2.71 million medical events could be avoided

  • Between $13.3 - $85.3 billion in net savings could be achieved

The following is but a smattering of the research I see on a daily basis. Mind you, these were plucked from journals just from the last few months. Cardiovascular Benefits Researchers in a study from this month's Journal of the American College of Cardiology state that when evaluating 27 different types of antioxidant supplements, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), magnesium, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, melatonin, catechin, curcumin, and quercetin produce significant cardiovascular benefits. Hair Loss A study from the November issue of JAMA Dermatology found nutritional interventions with the highest-quality evidence for hair loss showed the potential benefit of Viviscal, Nourkrin, Nutrafol, Lamdapil, Pantogar, capsaicin, isoflavone, omegas-3, zinc, tocotrienol (form of vitamin E), and pumpkin seed oil. Cancer The researchers of a study from the October issue of Food and Chemical Toxicology state that their result provided a mechanistic rationale for the therapeutic use of vitamin C in cancer therapy. Inflammation A study from the September issue of Frontiers of Nutrition found that nine weeks of probiotic and magnesium co-supplementation resulted in decreased C-reactive protein (CRP) levels as an indicator of inflammatory state. A study from the September issue of Nutrients evaluated the efficacy of a supplement containing elderberry, zinc,Lactobacillus acidophilus, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin C to improve inflammatory levels (IL-6 and CRP) and modulate lymphocyte growth. All three markers were improved. The first comprehensive systematic review of the association between antioxidant supplementation and knee osteoarthritis showed that antioxidants can decrease disease-related symptoms, according to Frontiers in Nutrition. Liver Protection Dietary supplements exert protective effects against drug-induced liver toxicity through the inhibition of oxidative stress, inflammation, and cell death, according to a study from Journal of the American Nutrition Association. Motivation A new study from eLife finds motivation may depend on the amount of oxidative stress your cells are experiencing. Researchers say this unhealthy imbalance in the cells can lower motivation and cause people to perform worse in certain tasks. However, they found a glutathione supplement displayed a vital connection for motivation and better performance in effort-related tasks. Conclusion According to the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services, Medicare and Medicaid programs spent more than $18 billion over 3 years on medications for which there was no proof of a significant clinical benefit. A study from Nutrients found that hospitalization rates for cancer survivors who use supplements was 10% less than non-users, leading to a cost benefit of $2094 per person over the remaining lifetime of survivors (average of 13 years). Yet, the government cannot reimburse us for dietary supplements expenses? For shame, for shame.


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