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Fresh Air and Sun | Coronavirus Update

From eNewsletter 3/18/2020

DID YOU KNOW that a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior builds on years of previous research demonstrating the value of family meals? How apropos.

There are two notable findings to this study: 1) Family meals improve fruit and vegetable consumption. 2) Family meals improve family functioning, defined as family connectedness, communication, expressiveness, and problem-solving.

If you live alone, eat your meals with family or friends on Facetime!


As you know, there is a new normal for preventing COVID-19, the respiratory infection caused by the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. While life as we know it has been turned upside down, this does not change the fact that you need to do everything possible to keep yourself well.

There are universal precautions you can take to protect yourself and your immune system. Older persons with one or more health conditions should pay special attention. These recommendations are not just applicable for preventing COVID-19, but for preventing other viruses linked to the common cold, influenza, the stomach flu, and more.

Do not touch your face. If you do touch your face, make sure it is with clean hands.

Avoid or severely limit sugar. This includes added sugar, sweets, sugary beverages, or any other sugary product that is not naturally occurring (i.e., fruit is fine). Sugar weakens the immune system more than any foodstuff.

Limit stress. If you are stressing yourself out about COVID-19, this will compound the daily stress you already incur. If you're doing everything you can to optimize your diet, taking your supplements, and adhering to optimal lifestyle choices, you're doing all you can. Keep media exposure to minimum. Practice deep breathing, mindfulness, or meditation once or twice daily.

Supplement assistance - We have received an inordinate number of requests to recommend natural substances geared towards virus overload prevention. Let us be clear: there is no miracle pill.

However, our long-time "go-to's" for assisting the immune system are monolaurin, a naturally derived coconut ester, zinc (oral dose along with either lozenge or liquid for the throat and sinus area), and vitamin C. Before taking, always consult your health professional to assess your individual needs, as dosage and sources vary.

Adult preventive dosage:

-600 mg. Monolaurin daily (either two capsules of 300 mg. or one capsule 600 mg.)

-500 mg. Vitamin C twice daily

-No more than 50 mg. total supplemental zinc - most people have zinc in a multi, so an additional 20-30 mg. oral supplement is good. Oral zinc needs to be taken with a protein meal. Optional but recommended: Zinc sulfate solution or zinc lozenge one to two times daly.

Child preventive dosage:

-300 mg. Monolaurin daily

-500 mg. Vitamin C once daily

-No more than 30 mg. total supplemental zinc - most kids have zinc in a multi, so an additional 20 mg. oral or liquid supplement may be okay. Oral zinc needs to be taken with a protein meal. Optional but recommended: Zinc sulfate solution or zinc lozenge one to two times daily.

Detailed recommendations for viral overload prevention can be found in our Cold & Flu Action Plan.

Make-your-own hand sanitizer - a client asked if we had a suggestion. Here it is. Unfortunately, you may have trouble finding some of these ingredients :(

Add to 8 ounce spritz bottle:

8-10 drops grapefruit seed extract concentrate

2/3 99% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)

1/3 aloe vera gel

Centers for Disease Control - Please don't refer to the media for direction. Continually check the CDC's website, which has an informative FAQ page, and is continually updated.


Our obligation is to serve your wellness needs so you can thrive through these difficult times. Unless we are mandated by the government to close, we will be open for business.


If you want to consult with us remotely, no problem. We will be in the office as well.


As long as the post office, FedEx, and UPS are still running, and our suppliers have supply, you will be able to order your products to ship or pickup.

We hope this period in history will lead to a new renaissance. One in which each of us will take better ownership of our wellness. There is no better time to discuss this with any loved one or friend who needs to be reminded of this.


Steve & Bonnie: A colleague passed this information along to us and we feel it is very important to note.

Guess what does not like fresh air and sunshine? If you guessed coronoviruses, you would be correct.

Fresh air is a natural disinfectant. Sunlight naturally inactivates many viruses.

So take a walk, jog, open your windows, and bring a little of the outdoors to your life.

For those who want to read up on how the sun and fresh air was used during the 1918 pandemic, here is the link to an interesting read.


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