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Got Maskne? One Shot Enough? COVID-19 Update

From eNewsletter 2/24/2021

DID YOU KNOW that with the pandemic pushing many consumers toward healthier food choices, year-over-year sales of organic produce rose by 14.2% last year to reach $8.5 billion, nearly double that of conventional produce, according to a study by the Organic Produce Network? When we talk about improving public health, there has been no more successful campaign over the last two decades than the emergence of organic food. The overriding characteristic of this success is the power of consumer spending. Time and time again we have said the most successful way we can make positive change is through our pocketbooks. This is the most effective method to make Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Ag change their ways.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Information We updated this document Monday.

COVID-19 Condition Monograph For those interested in conventional and integrative treatments for COVID-19 with over 250 references, this is our COVID-19 Condition Monograph.

Virus Prevention And Treatment Continue extra immune support until summer of 2021. SARS-CoV-2 is not going away. Moreover, SARS-CoV-2 is not the only virus we fight. There are influenza (flu), norovirus (stomach flu), adenovirus (common cold), and four other coronaviruses (common cold), among others. Prevent and Fight Coronavirus 2.0 Protocol.

Post-COVID Syndrome The official diagnosis for post-COVID syndrome (PCS) are symptoms that last for 12 weeks or more. If you, a family member, friend, coworker, or neighbor is suffering from PCS, diligently following our Post-COVID Syndrome Action Plan for purchase, or free to paid members, can bring measurable improvement.


Steve and Bonnie: The latest on COVID-19 you need to be aware of.

One Pfizer or Moderna Shot May Be Enough?

Preliminary data from Pfizer suggests that one dose of their vaccine is 92% effective in preventing severe COVID-19 and hospitalization. While the CDC or FDA have not made a statement as of yet, they should very quickly, especially for those who have already gotten COVID-19. For these individuals, one shot should be more than enough. Most importantly, millions more could be vaccinated quicker.

Food Packaging

Several studies and an announcement from the FDA state that the risk of contracting COVID-19 from food packaging is minuscule to non-existent.

How COVID Attacks the Body

A new study from Skeletal Radiology, and authored by researchers at Northwestern University, exhibit stark images of some of the devastation COVID-19 can do to every area of the body. When you go to the study, click on "Figures," which will take you to the images.

Vitamin D3

In a new study in The Lancet, out of 551 patients treated with vitamin D3 at admission, 5.4% required ICU, compared to 21.1% in those that were not treated with vitamin D3. Vitamin D levels also correlated mightily with the risk of ICU admission, with many more admitted patients having low levels at first admission. Only 6.5% treated with vitamin D3 at admission died compared to 15% who were not.

COVID-19 Reinfection

Preliminary reports from South Africa suggest people with prior COVID infection could be reinfected with a new, more infectious variant of the virus, the World Health Organization said. Initial findings also show COVID vaccines may be less effective in protecting against new strains of the virus, but reduce the severity of infection.

Israeli Data

Israel's ambitious vaccination drive has made it the largest real-world study of Pfizer’s vaccine. According to the Health Ministry, the risk of illness from COVID-19 dropped 95.8% among people who received both shots of Pfizer's vaccine. The vaccine was also 98% effective in preventing fever or breathing problems and 98.9% effective in preventing hospitalizations and death. The findings were based on data collected nationally through Feb. 13 from Israelis who had received their second shot, about 1.7 million people.


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by Dr. Liselotte Schuster

It's the term used for Acne due to wearing Masks and has become quite prevalent over the past year. A few of my teenage patients have talked to me about it since it's very embarrassing for them.

Maskne is often the result of clogged pores. The normal oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells can build up even more to block the pores. Masks also trap humidity and cause friction. One might also be sensitive to or allergic to the material or to the pretreated chemicals that are used. Maskne doesn’t only cause pimples, it can also result in skin issues including redness, bumpiness, blisters, irritation and worsening of Rosacea.

To help reduce the effects of clogged pores, keep your skin clean with proper pH. The skin has a pH value between 4.5 and 5.5, according to That pH is more on the acidic side, which kills bacteria. Consider washing or spraying the skin with remedies that will keep your pH at that healthy acidic level. Apple Cider Vinegar has a pH between 2 and 3, Fresh Lemon juice has a pH of 2 and Grapefruit Seed Extract has a pH of 2.5. You can make your own spray bottle containing those ingredients and spray your face throughout the day to clean the skin and maintain it's proper pH. NutriBiotic has a spray that contains Grapefruit Seed extract so you can use that too. After spraying the skin you may need to rinse with water or rinse with liquid zinc, as zinc is very healing for the skin. There also are acne creams that contain Salicylic Acid, which has a pH between 3 and 5. After spraying your face, dab the cream on existing areas of the skin that are irritated. Some also recommend using cortisone cream. Another idea is to not wear make up under the mask or find a make up that doesn't clog the pores.

Along with keeping your skin clean, keep your mask clean. Spray it often throughout the day with the same spray that you are using on your face or use a spray bottle that is filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is very good at killing bacteria and is why it is used as an oral debriding agent to kill the bacteria in the mouth. A clean mask is important and why some experts suggest wearing a disposable mask only once. Others suggest wearing an organic cotton mask to have the least amount of chemicals that one might react to.

If the problem is how the mask is rubbing the skin, then take time to find the right fitting one. I recently added zip ties into my mask and this creates a dome effect to keep the material away from my skin. Then of course there are the chemicals in the detergent that one is washing their masks with, so rule out that as the cause by switching laundry soap if you need to.

I love using Essential Oils and according to Dr. Axe the top 4 for Acne are: Tea Tree, Lavender, Clary Sage and Juniper Berry. As always only use a couple of drops at the most, if you tolerate essential oils and always mix them with a carrier oil. Tea Tree and Lavender are contraindicated in prepubescent boys. Jojoba oil is closest to our own skin's natural oil and jojoba is antibacterial. If nothing else is working then consider adding nutritional support to heal from the inside out.

I have been a Holistic Family Chiropractor since 1989 and have worked in the same office as Bonnie Minsky for 31 years.To keep my patients safe during the pandemic, I use a humidifier that emits a mist containing hydrogen peroxide and iodine to kill viruses in the air and in the lungs. All surfaces are sanitized continually and I also spray each patient's hands with essential oils that killed a different strain of the coronavirus in 2003. It's important that my patients have a deep sense of trust each time they come in, especially at this time. I tailor each visit by using a variety of techniques that I feel are most effective. I love seeing children and adults reach their full potential, where they trust the healing powers of their body. Contact me at (847) 509-9067 or

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