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Habits, Not Resolutions for 2023

From eNewsletter 1/2/2023

DID YOU KNOW that results of one of the few studies looking at the effect of healthy eating and COVID-19 has been published?

As reported in the December issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, of the 42,000 subjects followed, those who had healthier dietary habits when the pandemic started and stuck with them throughout had a much lower likelihood of severe infection and were much less likely to be hospitalized.

Not surprising to you or me, but these results exposed the single greatest failure of our government's pandemic response. If consistent public health messaging would have emphasized healthy eating habits, not only would the pandemic have been less severe, but we would have emerged from it with better prospects for a healthier future.

On a much more positive note, a study published in the November issue of Nutrients found that collagen peptides strengthened connective tissue proteins for joints, as well as keratin that keeps skin supple. Just as exciting was the discovery that collagen peptides reduce expression of inflammatory agents such as IL-6 and TNFa in those same areas.

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