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Life Expectancy Update | Quarantine Posture Tips

eNewsletter 5/20/2020

DID YOU KNOW that the FDA strengthened existing warnings about serious behavior and mood-related changes with montelukast (Singulair; Merck and generics), which is used to treat asthma and allergy?

This is important as we head into the height of allergy season. The agency added a boxed warning to montelukast advising healthcare providers to avoid prescribing montelukast for patients with mild symptoms, particularly those with allergic rhinitis, according to a drug safety communication. For allergic rhinitis in particular, the FDA says montelukast should be reserved for patients who have not responded adequately to other therapies - or who cannot tolerate these therapies. PREVENT AND FIGHT CORONAVIRUS 2.0 - SPECIAL ISSUE If you missed our new recommendations about how to prevent and fight the coronavirus, the information is available here. MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY SCHEDULE We will be closed Saturday, May 23rd and Monday, May 25th. Any orders placed will be fulfilled Tuesday, May 26th. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. BONNIE C. MINSKY AWARD Every year, Bonnie awards a scholarship to a deserving student at University of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health. She has selected Daniela Zimmer, an MPH candidate in the Division of Community Health Sciences/Maternal and Child Health concentration The scholarship will help her focus on her education and internship, so she can continue to deliver her best work to indigent women. As a public health student, she has learned how public health services affect health outcomes and how to form policy ideas that will result in better health outcomes for targeted populations. She looks forward to continuing this work when she graduates.

Congrats Daniela!


Steve & Bonnie:The statistical average says we're supposed to live into our late 70's. Women live a few years longer on average than men. Life expectancy is one thing. Quality of life during is another. Not only should you want to live a long life, but just as importantly, live a life with as many symptom-free days as possible.

Factors related to a person's quality of life, such as heavy stress or pain-related disorder can reduce life expectancy. According to a new study from BMJ Open, smoking takes 6.6 years and diabetes 6.5 years out of your life expectancy. Being under long-term heavy stress shortens your life expectancy by 2.8 years. Lack of exercise reduced the life expectancy by 2.4 years.

On the other hand, things such as the consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables increase life expectancy by 1.4 years.

Another way we can help life expectancy and quality of life for future generations is to optimize the maternal diet. A study from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered pregnant women who overfed on harmful saturated fats induced early epigenetic aging in their newborns. Accelerated epigenetic aging brings on chronic and acute conditions earlier in life. On a positive note, those women who had optimal vitamin D3 levels during pregnancy induced less epigenetic aging in their newborns.

Researchers in Molecular Cell discovered that olive oil in the Mediterranean diet may hold a key to improving lifespan and mitigating aging-related diseases. When coupled with limiting caloric intake with a time-restricted feeding style and exercise, the effects of consuming olive oil was even more pronounced. The authors postulate that once the fats are stored in the body as droplets, and then are burned for energy during exercise, the beneficial effects almost double.

Speaking of exercise, women who can exercise vigorously are at significantly lower risk of dying from heart disease, cancer and other causes. The research was presented at the scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology.

The authors' conclusion was simple: exercise often. Fitness protects against death from any cause. Fast walking is considered vigorous, so you don't have to run a marathon, especially during the pandemic. You need to be careful about the intensity of your exercise so you do not weaken your immune system to such a degree that you open yourself up to infection.


How many times have you said to your kid, "Sit up straight"!  Maybe you've looked at yourself in a photo and felt discouraged by that Dowager's Hump. There are less obvious posture changes that can effect the natural curve and these are often best identified with a professional posture analysis. When I analyze posture it is by looking from the side and the back. I have my patients look in the mirror while I am checking their head, neck, shoulders and hips. Some areas they already are aware of yet can be surprised by what I find. My analysis helps determine what stretches are needed. You can improve your posture at any age so always be open to what is possible. I'll always remember a man in his fifties that came to see me. He had been working at a desk for nearly 30 years and developed rounded shoulders with his head jutting forward. He felt discouraged by how he looked so I let him know that we could make a difference by working together. I give him a couple of exercises to do at home every day to strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades and stretch the muscles of the chest. He also came in weekly for chiropractic care to loosen the years of tightness that had built up in his spine. The combination was successful as a few months later he was a different man: straighter, confident and very happy. The same combination of exercises and weekly chiropractic care helped a woman who felt embarrassed by her posture. Her goal was to walk down the aisle on her wedding day feeling proud. A few months later after working together, she was a beautiful bride and very happy with how her wedding pictures turned out. Poor posture can mess with how we feel about ourselves and this creates stress, which is not good for our immune system. Having a strong immune system and feeling good about ourselves is even more important at this time. So let's talk about the couple of exercises you and even your children can do every day at home to improve posture and feel better overall. 1. Stand or sit with elbows straight and lift your arms up in front of you until they are shoulder high. Keep the elbows straight and slowly bring the arms out to the side and as far back as possible, then bring them back in front of you. Start off with one set of ten and work yourself up to three sets of ten. Make sure to rest in between each set. 2. Stand or sit with elbows straight and once again lift your arms up in front of you until they are shoulder high. This time bend the elbows and bring them straight back as far as they will go and then squeeze your shoulder blades together for a few seconds. Start off with one set of ten and work yourself up to three sets of ten. Make sure to rest in between each set. For both exercises use soup cans, free weights or even no weights at all. You can do them during a commercial break, a work break, first thing in the morning, right before bed or make it a family activity. Along with exercising you may find it helpful to wear a posture shirt or straps during the day to keep you from slouching. You can also use a foam roller, tennis balls or miracle balls along your entire back, chest and abdomen. My patients did well incorporating chiropractic so you may find that helpful too. Just remember to always be aware of keeping good posture! Dr. Liselotte Schuster is a Holistic Family Chiropractor and has been in practice since 1989. It's important for her that patients feel heard and a deep sense of trust each time they come in for care. She tailors each visit by asking questions, using a variety of techniques and gentle touch if a patient prefers that. She loves seeing children and adults receive Chiropractic care as an important tool to help them reach their full potential. Her office is in the same Suite as Nutritional Concepts, since she and Bonnie have been in practice together for over 30 years.


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