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Magnesium, Vitamin D Are Family | Banana Nut Muffins

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DID YOU KNOW that we have always recommended taking vitamin D3 with magnesium and not just calcium? One reason is because calcium and magnesium need to stay balanced. However, a new study in last week's American Journal of Clinical Nutrition sheds light on a new reason.

Researchers found that with magnesium supplementation, subjects were able to raise, and keep their, their vitamin D levels optimal much quicker, and more effectively, than without magnesium supplementation.

We can now add this as the 301st reason why taking magnesium is so crucial for our wellbeing!

WHAT A YEAR IT'S BEEN Bonnie & Steve: From a wellness perspective, it has been an incredible year. You should be proud of the work you put it in. The passion you show for wellness, not just for yourself, but for your family, friends, and coworkers, leaves an indelible impression.

The pressure from myriad industries to minimize, belittle, and attack the impact of your sensible, individualized wellness goals is strong. But you're stronger because you know in your gut that what you're doing is right.

In summarizing 2018, you're not going to get any "hot takes" here, such as what was the coolest snacking trend, the gnarliest kombucha flavor, or how keto took over the dietary vernacular. Even if boring at times, we stick to what we believe in. Of course, if something comes along that has solid evidence behind it, and we see clinically that it can be effective, then we start recommending it. Genetic wellness is a prime example.

For us, 2018 begins and ends with Pure Genomics (via 23andMe raw data). We have not been more excited about a value-added service since food intolerance testing. Evaluating your genetics and applying the findings to your individual wellness needs is cathartic for us. Many clients who have been on the receiving end of our analysis concur. It is truly astounding to understand how the deepest layer of your being can be deciphered and optimized with diet and lifestyle recommendations.

To be able to offer this service to you, with the backing and confirmation of our first clinical research performed at Nutritional Concepts, shows you that genetic wellness is not only here to stay, but is the future.

More to come in 2019, so make sure you get your 23andMe testing done!

STEVIA-SWEETENED BANANA NUT MUFFINS Bonnie: Great accompaniment to your favorite egg choice. You won't believe that they're sweetened with stevia...You can get this article by signing up for a NCI Well Connect Membership


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